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About Desktop Yantras

Desktop Yantras

Rudra Centre has beautifully designed desktop yantras. We make sure that yantras are energized with beeja mantras of respective deities. These yantras can be placed in right direction by just revolving it. Gift your loved ones these desktop yantras to show how much you care for them and have joined hands with them in their paths of success.

Types of desktop yantras

Planetary Yantras: - Planetary Yantras soothe adverse effects of any planet and ensures that this yantra is energized and enhances the buyer.

Shiv Yantra: - Shiv Yantra blesses one with immense energy and guards one against any fatal diseases.

Lakshmi and Kubera Yantra: - Lakshmi and Kubera Yantra will bless you with wealth and this will lead you to a successful life.

Protection Yantras: - Protection yantras will assure you with safety. They will guard you against black magic or any negative energy.

Knowledge Yantras: - Knowledge yantras will bless you with copious and right knowledge. It helps you to focus on your goals.

Success Yantras: - Success yantras, the name itself signifies everything. Success yantras help you to prosper in life.

Ganesh Yantras: - Ganesh Yantras remove all obstacles and troubles which block your paths of success. This yantra will give prosperity and success.

Love Health and success Yantras: - Love Health and success Yantras will fulfil your innermost desires.