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About Gold, Silver , Panchadhatu, Chains, Bracelets

Accessories like chains, lockets, kadas are many that one may wear for their fashionable appeal or spiritual purposes too. At the Rudra Centre we provide a great range of spiritual accessories that are trendy and honour their spiritual values through the beautifully crafted artistic designs and good quality build and craftsmanship. The range of silver and gold chains as well as the options in bracelets and coins is amongst the most popular choices for the divine beauty and sheer radiance they spread.

Removing obstacles, generating positive energy and many more are the advantages of spiritual accessories and this range of silver chain, golden chain, panchdhatu kada, and gold coins are great options available at the Rudra Centre that specialises in spiritual accessories.

The silver chain features a range of glittering designs from the Rudra Centre. The range includes the finest silver chains with Rudrakhsa Mukhi, silver beads necklace, oval link, Figaro, box chains and many more of such customized and varied structures. Made from great quality silver of the purest dimensions, the spiritual silver chains keep the divine values intact. The gold chain, on the other hand, sparkles like royalty. This spiritual gold chain showcases its elegance in design and good make in its build as well.

The bracelets / kadas are available in various designs and spiritual themes. These artistically crafted bracelets at the Rudra Centre include the panchdhatu bracelet and many more. There is a great diversity in designs available with the likes of Ganesha bracelets, Hanuman bracelets, Om bracelets, Sai bracelets and many more.

Gold coins are a sign of prosperity and progress. They make for a great choice available at the Rudra Centre. Made from 24 carat gold, one can feel the essence of splendour and grace in any spiritual gold coin or a gold coin God carved. For showcasing the God of wealth gold coin is a very popular choice amongst people. It is a great choice to make a gift and express blessing as well.