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About Pocket Yantras

Yantra, Kavach and Tabeez

Yantras, Kavach, Taveez, Tabeez etc. are auspicious spiritual items that are worn or carried by many people. Yantras are mystical diagrams which are believed to provide astrological benefits to a person as per ancient Indian religion. Kavach which means shield is used to protect the wearer from negativities present in his/her life and bring in positive-ness. The Tabeez have mantras and other auspicious items usually from Homas filled in them. Certain people prefer to tie them to their hands or wear them around their neck due to their protective characteristics.

Importance of Yantra, Kavach and Tabeez

Pocket Yantras, energized Kavach and tabeez are some of the most popular religious items as each of them are not only considered divine but are also thought to provide positive energies to the wearer. Yantras from India have specific geometric designs that can be related to the five elements of nature and represent the different Hindu deities. The common benefits of these products are as follows:

  • Ensures physical and mental health
  • Protection from evil eye, negative energies and black magic
  • Increases focus, will-power and energy
  • Name, fame and success

Pocket Yantras are smaller version of Yantras that one can carry around in his/her pockets and ward of evil spirits and bring good luck even outside. It is preferred by people who are always on the move.

Types of Yantras
There are different types of Yantras available and they are categorized as below.

  • Maha Yantras
  • Locket Yantras
  • Pocket Yantras
  • Desktop Yantras
  • Yantra Rings, bracelets
  • Yantra Kavach
  • Plate Yantras

They are further categorized as:

  • Deity Yantras
  • Jyotish Yantras
  • Prosperity Yantras
  • Protection Yantras
  • Success Yantras
  • Knowledge Yantras
  • Rashi Yantras
  • Vastu Yantras

Types of Kavach and Tabeez
The different types of Kavach and Tabeez are:

  • Stripped Tabeez Lockets
  • Cylindrical Tabeez Lockets
  • Tabeez (hollow)
  • Rectangular Tabeez Locket
  • Chirmi Kavach
  • Siddh Mahalaxmi Kavach
  • Dus Mahavidhya Kavach
  • Siddh Mahashakti Kavach