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About Rudraksha beading kit

Hindu religion speaks highly of the holy Rudraksha and the power it possesses over each and every force in the world. It is the divine answer to many troubles of people, and wearing the right Mukhi, Rudraksha can lead to a happy and prosperous life. But if you are looking to customize the way you wear Rudraksha jewelry, you might have been disappointed by the lack of a do-yourself kit dedicated to it. Citing the need for one, Rudra Centre presents a whole new range of Rudraksha Beading Kit that will help guide you in weaving and creating customized Rudraksha jewelry just by you!

The collection comprises all the necessary articles that are needed to make a Rudraksha ornament, starting with Rudraksha caps, wire and spacers. The Rudraksha caps of different types are available in the kit, right from copper caps to panchdhatu caps with a gold polish finish. The spacers are available in crystal pattern, sandal work and Rudraksha spacers to be beaded for a beautiful pattern. Rudraksha wires are available in pure silver form to string the beads, rosaries and bracelets. Rudraksha thread is another set of the kit wherein different Rudraksha mala threads are available for weaving the items for making a necklace or even an arm/wrist band. Apart from Rudraksha red thread there is also Rudraksha chain available for those who love silver and gold in their jewelry.

For maintenance of the beads in your Rudraksha ornaments, the Rudraksha maintenance kit is perfectly suited along with dhoop, sandal paste and gangajal pack for cleaning and revitalizing purpose. Also, maintaining Rudraksha needs a proper Rudraksha oil treatment on timely basis. These Rudraksha oil provisions are available in options of sandal olive oil, Mysore sandalwood oil and Mysore sandalwood oil essential. Another crucial aspect is the cutting and bending in preparation of Rudraksha ornaments, which requires perfect tools and Rudraksha tools. The kit available including cutter and twister meets your requirement perfectly well. In addition to that, needles are also available to knead bracelets and rosaries with fine perfection.