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About Yantra Lockets

Pendants, Rings and Bracelets Yantras

Only at Rudra Centre you can find an amazing collection of pendants, bracelets, lockets which are etched in silver or gold. These blissful collections of yantras are energized with the beeja mantras of respective deities and designed by keeping in mind the modern needs of every individual. These yantras can also be gifted to your loved ones. By these gifts, your loved ones will not only get cherished but you will also lead them to paths of prosperity and success.

Silver Yantra bracelets: - Silver Yantra bracelets are in divine collections. You can find silver bracelets of Hanuman yantra, Kuber Yantra, Shree Mahalaxmi yantra, Ganesh yantra, shree yantra and so on.

Yantra rings: - Yantra rings are unique way of transforming energy of mantras in form of rings. They are expertly etched and suiting your requirements. These rings are of Shree Vaahan Durghatna Yantra, Shree Meru ring in silver, Shree yantra ring in brass and so. These rings are designed by keeping in mind the budget of a common man.

Shree yantras: - if you are seeking for yantra which will fulfil all your desires, then Shree Yantra is an ideal option. Only at Rudra Centre, you will find eye-pleasing collection of Shree yantras.

Ganesh Yantras: - If you feel you face loads of obstacles in any work you do, then you need to go for Ganesh Yantra. Ganesh Yantra will give luck, name and success.

Hanuman Yantras:- Hanuman Yantras will protect you from all adverse effects or black magic. This yantra will guard you just like mother taking a care of child.

Devi Yantras: - Devi Yantras bless you with immense power and knowledge. Vashikaran yantra: - Vashikaran yantra helps to keep your loved one under your control. To get your love back you can buy Vashikaran yantra.

Success Yantra: - Success Yantra will elevate you to prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Planetary Yantras: - Planetary Yantra lockets are in various collections. These lockets will help one to pacify any adverse effects of planet.

Mahamrityunjaya Yantra:- Mahamrityunjaya Yantra helps to release bad energy, protects one from fatal diseases. These yantra will bless one with good fortune.

Yantra Combination: - Yantra combination leads you to peaks of success and blesses one with auspicious energy.

Sai Yantras: - In order to fulfil any wish, Sai used to ask his devotees to keep faith and patience. With help of Sai yantra one can develop immense faith and lead a peaceful life.

So at Rudra Centre, these were the wide ranges of fine-looking etched bracelets, pendants, lockets and so on. All these items are energized by the beeja mantras and one can use these yantras instead chanting mantras.