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Copper Locket yantras

Rudra Centre offers fine etched Copper Locket yantras which are energized with the beeja mantras of respective deities. On any special occasion, you can also gift these yantras to your near and dear ones.

Popular Copper Locket Yantras:-

Sri Yantra: - Shri Yantrabenefits are infinite. Shree yantra is one of the most auspicious and powerful yantras.

Lakshmi and Kubera Yantras: - Lakshmi and Kubera yantra are etched by placing yantra on one side and deity on other side. Mahalaxmi and Kubera yantras bestow one with good fortune. Before dispatching, we make sure these yantras are energized.

Ganesh Yantras:- Ganesh Yantras helps one to achieve name, fame and success. These yantras remove obstacles from one’s life.

Hanuman Yantras: - Hanuman Yantras will help to overcome all difficulties and problems in life. These yantras appeal Lord Hanuman to bless you with power.

Devi Yantras: - Devi Yantras are etched with beeja mantras of respective deities. These yantras are for well-being and prosperity.

Success Yantras: - Success yantras, the name itself signifies everything. Success yantras help you to prosper in life.

Planetary yantras: - The planetary yantra will heal the malefic effects of the nine planets in your Natal Chart.

Mahamrityaunjaya yantra:- Mahamrityaunjaya yantra is dedicated to omniscient Lord Shiva. Mahamrityunjaya Yantra safeguards from serious dangers, fatal diseases, makes courageous and healthy.