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WHAT IS HELIODOR STONE: Heliodor Metaphysical Properties, Heliodor Stone Benefits

Meaning of Heliodor (Crystals)

Heliodor is a semi-precious gemstone of lovely Yellow color and is also called Golden Beryl and Yellow Beryl. The name Heliodor is derived from the Greek words "Helios" (the name of the Greek Sun God), which translates to "Sun” and "Doron," meaning gift. So the Golden Beryl meaning or Heliodor crystal meaning sums up to 'gift from the Sun'. Heliodor healing properties and Heliodor Metaphysical properties are well known across different cultures. Occurrence of this stone in nature is rare but it is popular among connoisseurs of gemstones, who understand the true value of the Yellow Beryl aka Heliodor. Heliodor crystals are recommended, by experts, to be worn for overall well-being, vitality and also considered a suitable substitute for Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj).

Origin and Properties of Heliodor

The mineral composition of Heliodor Gemstone is Beryl. Originally it is supposed to be white but the presence of Iron impurities gives it the Yellow, Gold or Brownish Yellow, Greenish Yellow or Pale Lime, Orange Yellow colors. The Yellow hue varies depending on the percentage of Iron present in it. Greenish Yellow Heliodor gem is popular among buyers. Naturally, it is found in granite pegmatite cavities. It is transparent to opaque and on the Mohs scale it measures a good 7.5 to 8 and holds up to abrasion. Golden Beryl crystal makes desirable jewelry like Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings.

The Heliodor stone was discovered in 1910, at Rossing, Erongo, Western Namibia and since then has been found in various other countries. The best quality Golden Beryl gemstone is found in Namibia with Brazil and Madagascar too having some mines with superior quality. Other countries are Russia, Afghanistan, South Africa, USA, etc.

Heliodor Stone in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology the different shades of Yellow in which the Heliodor gemstone is found has different Planets in combination with Planet Jupiter(Brihaspati) ruling them. Jupiter is the prime Planet and therefore this stone when worn blesses with attributes of this Planet. In Vedic Astrology Planet Brihaspati or Guru is an expansive Planet. It imparts intelligence, wisdom, brings prosperity, expansion, success in big ventures/business, marital bliss, good health, plays a significant role in spiritual growth and is known for its property of aiding in clear communication. Heliodor gem can be worn, after consulting a qualified Vedic Astrologer to enhance the power of Planet Jupiter or to balance it if it is imbalanced in your Birth chart.

Greenish Yellow Heliodor is ruled by Planet Guru or Jupiter and Planet Mercury or Budha. Mercury is generally considered a benefice planet but may give ill effects when placed in certain houses of the Birth chart. Mercury governs the spoken words, intelligence, logical thinking, reasoning, wit, humour, communication of all kinds, written or spoken. The Greenish Yellow Heliodor crystal can be worn to balance Budha & Guru in Kundli, if it is imbalanced or to enhance the power of these planets.

Golden Yellow or Gold Brownish Yellow Heliodor is ruled by Planet Jupiter with Planet Mars or Mangal. Mars is a warrior Planet, considered the commander-in-chief of the Navgraha, passionate, action oriented and aggressive. When placed strongly in the horoscope, the Planet provides courage, will, energy, vitality, perseverance, self-confidence, victory. When not placed favourably it can make the native aggressive, irritable, of angry temperament, rash. Physically such individuals may feel lack of energy etc. In order to balance the energies of weakly placed Mars, Golden Yellow or Golden Brownish Yellow Heliodor can be worn.

Pale Lime(Yellow) Heliodor is ruled by two of the most revered Planets, Jupiter and Sun or Surya. For Earth, Sun is the life force and its position in the Birth chart is significant. A well placed Sun in the Kundli bestows power, authority, dynamism, liveliness, good health, success, hope, positive energy, strong financial position, leadership quality, name, fame etc. When Planet Sun is not placed in a favourable house in Birth chart it may cause health issues, low self-esteem, confusion, indecisiveness, financial problems. Pale Lime Heliodor Beryl stone is worn to balance Sun. Planet Jupiter and Sun together can bring benevolent blessings to the wearer of the lovely Pale Lime Heliodor stone.

Orange Yellow Heliodor is ruled by Planet Jupiter and Moon. Moon rules the mind and emotions. When this Planet is placed well then it brings enhanced creativity, imagination, fearlessness, emotional balance, adaptability, introspection, intuitive power and many other benefits. With debilitated Moon in Horoscope the native may be fearful, emotionally unstable, irrational, restless, suffer from mood swings, depression etc. Wearing Orange Yellow Heliodor can balance the energies of Moon in such cases.

It is recommended to consult an expert, RRST therapist before wearing any gemstone. Another very important point is to ensure that the Heliodor gemstone you buy is natural and genuine. The gemstone market is rife with treated and heated Heliodor to enhance its colour. When you wear Astrological Heliodor gemstones for remedy, it should be natural as with treatment, the stone drastically reduces in healing properties and does not give the desired benefits. Buy Golden Beryl or Heliodor gemstone from a reputed and trustworthy gemstone shop or dealer like Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre has an array of lustrous, 100% natural Heliodor stone for you to choose from. You can buy online with us at the most reasonable Heliodor price in the market. Our collection includes the popular Greenish Yellow Heliodor too which is considered to be the most powerful among Heliodor.

Heliodor for What Chakra?

Heliodor stone or Golden Beryl Stone works on the Thymus Chakra, which is located between the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra) and the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). When you wear or carry the Heliodor gemstone it opens, cleanses, and balances the Thymus Chakra. These transpersonal features of the higher Chakra facilitate Divine inner transformation and spiritual broadening. The High Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra, thus, is intricately linked with your overall vitality and well-being. An open Thymus Chakra helps one to be forgiving, soulful, and full of compassion. People with an open Thymus Chakra often believe in spreading and passing on these divine gifts of love and compassion to others through their deeds and aura.

How to Wear Heliodor?

For the best outcome, wear Heliodor stone in the RRST method. We at Rudra Centre have a team of experts who you can consult to know what will be suitable for you to wear, as per RRST, after studying your Birth chart, understanding your life challenges, diseases etc. We believe in giving our clients the best solution which will balance their chakras and empower them
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Wearing a combination of Gemstone and Rudraksha is the best way to make the most of it. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST®) devised by Neeta Singhal makes the use of both Crystal gemstones and Rudraksha beads. It is a holistic healing therapy that uses the curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones to balance and energize Chakras. In RRST we deal only with natural and untreated gemstones. The reason Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is widely acclaimed by many is that it works on the Chakras, the very basis of life, and is a holistic therapy that heals from deep within with absolutely no side effects. In the RRST setting of a gemstone, as a ring or as a pendant, the 'Bhasma' made of the planetary herb is kept inside one tube and the metal that improves the planetary effects is kept in another tube. The gemstone is then energized with its precise seed (Beej) mantra on a specific day to empower it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet and reinforce its beneficial effects. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his/her Birth Chart.

Heliodor Stone benefits: What is Heliodor Used For?

Golden Heliodor stone with its lustrous Yellow hue is an apt stone for durable jewelry. It is a stone that is patronized by gemstone collectors. Since the time Heliodor was first found, it is said to possess the qualities of Sun. As mentioned above, as per Vedic Astrology, each colour shade of the stone has combination of Planet Jupiter and another Planet ruling it, depending on the shade. This gives the combined effects of the two Planets. Heliodor healing properties and Heliodor metaphysical properties make wearing this Golden Beryl Crystal beneficial with many favourable outcomes.

  • Heliodor Yellow Beryl stone when worn is said to promote overall well-being.
  • Heliodor Beryl is known as a stone that boosts the immune system.
  • The Heliodor gem makes decision making logical rather than emotional. The decisions you take are based on your knowledge and understanding.
  • Golden Beryl gemstone activates and balances the Thymus Chakra(Higher Heart Chakra).
  • Wear Heliodor crystals that improve communication skills.
  • Heliodor gemstone benefits by bestowing patience and tolerance.
  • Yellow Heliodor brings prosperity, success, growth, attracts good business, job opportunities, and opportunities in all spheres of life.
  • The stone is connected to hope and positive thinking. It imparts knowledge and wisdom.
  • When you wear the Heliodor stone, it relieves anxiety, stress and promotes faith.
  • Heliodor healing properties help to heal Throat, Lung ailments, cleanses or detoxifies the stomach and intestine.
  • It is apt to be worn by those who are timid or fearful as it helps to be assertive by enhancing self-confidence.
  • The stone is said to enhance memory power and helps to retain information. This makes the Golden Heliodor a favourable stone for students too.
  • Heliodor Metaphysical properties enhance the intuitive powers of the wearer.
  • The Golden Heliodor is a protective stone, protecting from evil and negative energies.
  • Heliodor is a stone that can rejuvenate you, by making you confident, with precise decision-making capabilities and clear expression or communication.
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