Heliodor - 3.3 carats


INR 16,830


Heliodor gets its name from the two greek words “Helios” meaning Sun and “Doron” meaning gift. Heliodor is a gemstone that is recommended by experts in gemmology to be worn for the overall wellbeing of an individual. This gemstone is usually seen or found in various hues of yellow as well as with a yellowish green tinge. The yellowish greenish tinge variety is rare and it is this gemstone that works on the thymus chakra located between the throat and the heart chakra.

It is widely considered as the best substitute of Yellow Sapphire while having energies of mercury as well. It inspires you to make decisions based on your knowledge and understanding and not solely on your emotions. It imparts tolerance, patience and understanding while promoting faith.

Heliodor can boost your immune system by activating the thymus chakra. It relieves stress and anxiety and improves heart and lung functions. Heliodor gives boost to money, business prospects and job opportunities.

Quality: Brilliant/Flawless
Color: Greenish Yellow 
Shape: Oval
Dimension: approx. 11 x 9 x 6 mm
Price per carat: Rs 5100

Certificate will be provided.

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