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Pink Tourmaline Gemstones
Pink Tourmaline Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline: Benefits, Uses and Healing Properties

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Gemstone is derived from a boron silicate that is combined with numerous metals, making it one of the most complex crystal structures known. Pink Tourmaline Gemstone has been praised for its enigmatic properties throughout history, including its ability to get electrically charged upon being heated or rubbed – a property that was used in ancient times to draw ash out of smoking pipes. So far color is concerned, it is found in pale pink to deep red. Some stones have flawless transparent texture while some have the opaque one. Historically, American mineralogist George Frederick Kunz discovered and sold a green Tourmaline stone to Tiffany and Co. based in New York. This led to the popularity of Tourmaline gemstones.

The origin of the word ‘Tourmaline’ comes from the land of Sri Lanka. It is derived from turamali (in the ancient Sinhalese language) which means ‘an earthly valuable of combined colors’; a precious stone of mix colors. Since the stone constitutes a combined strength of aluminum borosilicates mixed with iron and magnesium in varied degrees, it comes in different colors such ash pink, red, yellow, green, blue, even black and violet. When heated or rubbed, it gets charged up electrically, with one end positive and the other negative. The Dutch traders of the 17th centuries used Tourmaline to clean their Meerschaum pipes by pulling the ash from it because the stone (with its ability to get electrically charged) could attract dust particles.

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Healing Properties of Pink Tourmaline:

In Chakra science, Pink Tourmaline is connected with Hrit Padma Chakra located two fingers below the heart. It is the place one’s Self (atma) sits in. In its subtle form, it is a lotus with eight, six or thousand petals with the circular regions of sun, moon and fire in the center where the person’s Ishta god resides. An Ishta god is a divine part of the Absolute Transcendence that supplies the person with cosmic energies in meditation.

  • Has a soothing effect on the heart, regulates the irregular heartbeat and causes speedy recovery from cardiac arrest.
  • Cools down the nervous system, neuralgia and migraines.
  • Heals emotional wounds unleashing guilt, worry, depression and anxieties. This is because it is primarily connected with Hrit Padma chakra near the Hear Chakra. When these chakras are energized, the person tends to be self-satisfied, humble and blissful.
  • Simulates joy, peace and relaxation.

Benefits of using Pink Tourmaline gemstones:

This gemstone has long been known for providing a field of prosperity to its wearer. Pink Tourmaline Gemstone is considered a good source of androgynous (male/female) energy.

  • It influences the body's central channel, and is associated with feelings of love, abundance and happiness.
  • When worn as jewelry (that is, studding the stone within rings, stones, bracelets, pendants etc.), the stone helps protect the wearer from heart disease and improves the mind's creativity and optimism towards daily life.
  • Its electrical nature has also been thought to protect the wearer from common electromagnetic radiation that arises from every day technology.
  • It is the best substitute of diamond.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, and its most famous place of produce in ancient times used to be Sri Lanka. Brazil is known for producing the best quality tourmaline gemstones in the world. Pink Tourmaline Gemstones gets their colour from chromium impurities, and are available in many colours. Tourmalines can be irradiated to enhance their colour.


Sri Lanka, Brazil, Pakistan, parts of Africa

How to care for your Pink Tourmaline Gems:

Your gemstone might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in salt water overnight.

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