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Since time immemorial, it is believed that mystical Yantras reveal inner basis of forms and shapes abounding in the universe. In this respect, whatever the outer structure, all matter consists of an intrinsic basic unity, the atom. Thus each aspect of the world can be seen in its structural form as a Yantra. Ancient Indian Shilpi-Yogins (Makers of Ritual Art) sought to identify the innermost structures of the universe by concentrating world-appearances through intense yogic vision into simple form equations. The yantras work on the universal principles just like Earth moves on its rotational principles. Lets try to understand the principles that these mystic instruments work on.

1. Principle of Direction

Yantras are used for celestial powers, emotional absorption and meditation. Having a specific yantra in a specified direction at home and concentrating on it is said to discharge auspicious effects with its electromagnetic properties. For instance, Kuber when placed in North corner attracts wealth and riches as this direction as per Vastu Shastra is ruled by the wealth god Kubera, Laxmi yantra works best in East direction and Ganesh yantra in South West direction. All Yantras show good effect when place in the Eshaan corner which is North East. A mantra engraved on the yantra produces the explicit streams of the transcendent sound and a yantra is an emblem - a spectrograph of that cosmic energy. As far as the spiritual impact is concerned; yantras are like the graphic outlines of divine energy fields.

2. Principle of Mantras

If one is unable to properly chant a Vedic mantra, then Yantra representing that mantra should be installed. All the material prosperities and the spiritual growth attained by the ancient yogis through mantra meditation or penances can be achieved by installing Yantras emitting vibrations of large amplitude or resonance with the benefic energies of the mantra. Those vibrations put the house occupants in touch with highly elevated energies beneficial for the attainment of mental peace and spiritual growth.

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3. Principle of Shakti (Creative energy)

A Yantra acts as the revelatory signs of cosmic truths. It is an instructional diagram of the spiritual aspect of the human experience. All the primal shapes of a yantra are psychological symbols corresponding to inner states of human consciousness. Through constant ritual worship, Yantras shed dormancy and act as emblems of psychic power. In this respect, the Yantra moves beyond "form" and "function" thus becoming a "Shakti-rupa" (power diagram).

4. Principle of Metaphysics

Yantra holds a supreme status amongst metaphysical sciences and disciplines. Adepts mention Yantra as an entrance to all occult sciences and result-oriented accomplishments. Metaphorically, Yantras are abodes of all deities whose seats lie at different points, directions, regions, corners or angles within a Yantra. The deities are elated at respective designated "places" in a Yantra. Yantras are also visual forms of Mantric energy. The power of a Yantra is designated in the same method as a building is hidden in architectural diagrams.

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