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Savar Rudraksha

Ruled by the Supreme Lord Shiva Himself, this auspicious twin bead Rudraksha which is very rarely found and is characterized by two naturally joined Rudraksha beads with one of the beads being the one mukhi Rudraksha is known as the Savar Rudraksha. This naturally occurring Rudraksha bead is one of the most divine gifts from Nature to humankind. The Savar Rudraksha beads are incredibly powerful. The existence of the holy one mukhi Rudraksha in shape of the trunk makes the Savar Naag Rudraksha auspicious and divine. The Savar Rudraksha beads are not found easily and it is believed that these divine beads are produced once in many years which make these beads more auspicious and precious.

Hinduism is known for its many deities, some with incredible and exceptional powers. The majority of the Hindus concentrate on one of these, whom they consider as supreme. The greatest Gods and Goddesses possess complex traits that are showcased in diverse forms, situations and narratives. They are occasionally accompanied by their spouses or their specific animal vehicles. They are frequently recognized by their physical attributes and the symbolic implements they wear or hold.

There are numerous Hindu deities that are used and observed in various contexts of Indian mythology. Referred to as the guardian of the world, Lokapala has different uses, contingent on whether it is viewed in a Hindu or Buddhist setting.

Ruling Deity: Lord Shiva
Savar Rudraksha Ruling Planet: Venus
Savar Rudraksha Mantra: || "Om Namah Shivaye”||


The Savar Rudraksha beads as mentioned above are rarely found, the Savar Rudrakshas which are easily available in the market do not originate from Nepal or Java but these beads are generally sourced from Sri Lanka and Southern parts of India. These species of Rudraksha which are sourced from Sri Lanka belong to the Bhadraksha genus and aren’t effective whereas, the Savar Rudraksha beads which originate from Nepal and Java are auspicious and hold immense healing energies. The Savar Rudraksha beads are also widely referred to as the Savar Naag due to its shape. These Rudraksha beads are one of the most sought after Rudraksha beads and the wearer of the Savar Rudraksha beads is known to be blessed, protected and is known to make a mark for herself/himself in the respective careers and fields.



Venus is the planet that rules the Savar naag Rudraksha. It is this planet that guides us in recognising what are our interests, likes and dislikes are. It makes one realise his/her artistic inclinations, idea of happiness and taste in terms of choices and so on. The association of Lord Shiva and Planet Venus makes the Savar Rudraksha one of the most powerful possession one can own.


The Savar Rudraksha is one of the most auspicious beads. This Rudraksha beads holds the dual energies of the two naturally joined beads and the one mukhi Rudraksha bead which appears like the trunk. One unique noticeable feature about the savar Rudraksha bead is that the two joint Rudraksha beads in a Savar are available in various mukhis but the trunk shaped Rudraksha that naturally appears above the two beads is always a one mukhi. This mystic Rudraksha offers overall success and material bliss. It also removes hurdles and paves way for personal and professional growth. According to the ancient texts, the Savar Rudraksha also offers courage to face challenging situations and also offers good health. This pious Rudraksha bead promotes high self-esteem and helps in enhancing the personality of the wearer while offering good spiritual growth, physical health and mental health.


The Savar Rudraksh bead has divine vibrations that offer a range of benefits to the wearer. Some of these benefits are listed below

  • It blesses the wearer with harmony,
  • Offers spiritual attainments and helps establish divine connection with the consciousness.
  • The Savar Rudraksha helps promote cordial relationship between family members
  • It benefits the wearer in financial matters and property dealings.
  • It also attracts prosperity
  • It brings good luck and elevates the consciousness.
  • This divine Rudraksha bead offers universal appeal
  • It brings success in all undertakings.
  • Elevates pain and liberates one from sufferings
  • Offers good health
  • Wards off negativity and attracts positivity
  • Gives rest to wavering mind and makes one calm
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