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Yellow Topaz: Properties, Benefits, Healing Powers, How To Wear It for Maximum Benefit

Since time immemorial, gemstones bestowed the wearers with magical and transcendental effects.  Yellow topaz is a treasured gem for its immense healing properties.  It is a semi precious gemstone that belongs to the mineral family. Vedic astrology briefs that yellow stones are worn to enhance the financial position, relationships, health and career.

Yellow Topaz – Introduction

Yellow Topaz is one of the most remarkable gemstones. Topaz is a Sanskrit term, which represents ‘fire.’ The colour of the gemstone is yellow. The symbolism represented by the sparkling golden gem fascinates the topaz lovers, both as a beautiful jewel and for healing benefits.

The Symbolism and Significance of the Color

The gem stone is revered for its colour and clarity. The gleaming golden hue with thin shades of smoky brown tone represents the harvest and earth.  
The yellows and browns indicate the fertility and cultivation seasons of the ancient past. The colour tones invokes the things that represent,  ‘organic.’ To name a few,

  • The Sun – the primary energy  for cultivation
  • Fertile soil
  • Harvested grains

And, these gems denote the natural roots, fertility, and outdoors. Natural roots and fertility are symbolic to family life, in a rustic sense.
In the ancient days, people believed, wearing yellow topaz as a jewel brings serenity and empathy. These colours represent being a family and home. 
Greek legends and traditions highlighted that wearing topaz increased the strength, physically and mentally. People wore it as a talisman to protect them during crisis.

Even, Egyptians followed similar traditions and carried identical beliefs. They made amulets with this fiery golden gem for enhanced security and protection.
Romans, Greeks and Egyptians associate yellow topaz with the Sun God. In India, ancient people associated it with throat chakra, which relates to self-expression and communication. There is a strong correlation with yellow topaz and writers, speakers, artists, and people in the communication industry. 

Yellow Topaz Vs Yellow Sapphire

Yellow topaz is often used as a substitute of yellow sapphire. However, both are different types of gemstones, which carry the distinctive features with a few similarities, healing powers, and benefits to the wearers.
Yellow sapphire is the hardest stone. The supreme quality yellow sapphire is found in the regions of Sri Lanka, England, Japan and Tasmania. Yellow sapphire represents planet Jupiter and works on Vishudha chakra. Wearing this gemstone bestows the wearer with all auspicious facets of the planet Jupiter like wisdom, expansiveness, awareness and spiritual growth. It is higher priced and used both as jewellery and for astrological purposes. The practice of wearing yellow sapphire in jewellery still remains very popular. It is found in Ceylon, Srilanka.
Yellow Topaz is ruled by the Sun and works on the Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra. It is not expensive and is copiously found in Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, United States and Asia. However, yellow topaz from Brazil, is most popular among people because of its richer colour consistency and overall clarity. Yellow sapphire appears in light yellow colour and its cosmic colour is blue, while yellow topaz is brilliant dark yellow with cosmic colour yellow.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is the most sought after, appealing and the precious variety of natural topaz. Russia is the home of the origin of the imperial topaz. During 17th century, pink topaz gems were mined, subsequently named after Russian Tsars. It is the less common variety of topaz owing to its natural occurrence, which makes it pricey and precious.
Color of the imperial topaz appears in various hues of red to orange with shades of yellow. It essays the red dichroism, that appears in the colour of the setting Sun.

Yellow Topaz and Vedic Astrology
Activated yellow topaz, according to Vedic Astrology, removes all negative energy not only from the surroundings, but also from the wearer's soul. Because yellow topaz is thought to control anxiety and cure depression, the person wearing a yellow topaz ring feels more optimistic, positive and relaxed. Yelloz topaz is a Jupiter stone, which means it is related with the most expansive planet of the solar sytem bringing only good results for our personal growth. The colour yellow represents the Planet Jupiter and Throat Chakra.

Yellow Topaz Benefits 

Yellow Topaz influences a person's life by bringing about positive changes to it. This is a lucky stone which brings kismet into your life and makes everything work in your favor. It allows you to form bonds with people who are beneficial to you while keeping you away from those who are harmful to you. It enhances your confidence and strengthens your belief in yourself. It is associated with safety, harmony, peace, prosperity and serenity. Other benefits are:

  • It draws financial prosperity, wealth, good fortune, name, fame and abundance.
  • It bestows wisdom, knowledge and enhances the intellect while boosting sharpness of mind and superior understanding.
  • It propels the wearer towards his or her academic or professional goals under the benevolence influence of Jupiter, its ruling planet.
  • It invigorates the personal aura clearing any imbalance of the Throat Chakra by putting thoughts into action and by directing the person to take the correct decisions based on the right judgements.
  • Its yellow color relates to the Sun in astrology, which altogether with Jupiter, its ruling planet, promotes a magnanimous and generous nature.
  • Jupiter also brings a joyful behavioral approach and a sense of fulfillment.
  • Its healing power include healing problems related to the throat, mouth and lungs. It enhances our immune response and balances our respiratory system.
  • Yellow Topaz repels impurities and negativity and radiates a sunny vital energy that allows our True Self to be heard and noticed.
  • It heals and balances the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra.

How to Wear Yellow Topaz

You can wear yellow topaz as a pendant or a ring.
If you choose to wear it as a ring, wear it in the middle finger on the right hand.
•    If you are right handed, wear on right middle finger
•    If you are left hander, wear on left middle finger 
It is auspicious to wear it (for the first time) on a Sunday before 12 PM, during the Shukla Paksha, i.e waxing moon phase.

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