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Ekadash (11 Face) Hanuman Idol in Bronze


INR 61,500


Magnificent idol of Ekadash mukhi Hanuman masterfully cast in pure bronze is a devotee’s delight. Designed in South Indian art form with intricate carving, it features life like attributes of Lord Hanuman and His adornments. Portrayed in standing posture on a beautifully designed dais, Lord Hanuman in this idol reverberates with His powers of protection. He is featured with eleven faces and an array of multiple arms with each arm holding a weapon namely Bow, Dagger, Arrow, Sword, Trident, Sudarshan Chakra and Mace portraying His immense power. Ekadash Hanuman Hanuman is symbolic of Lord Hanuman’s vigilance in all directions:

  • Purva Mukhi (East) Hanuman: Worshipped in Varan form(monkey), His power is considered equivalent to millions of Suns. His worship helps overturn the dominance of enemies and destroy one’s inner vice.
  • Paschim (West) Mukhi Hanuman: Worshiped in form of Garuda (Eagle), He is worshipped as Sankatmochan, the eradicator or pain and sufferings.
  • Uttar (North) Mukhi Hanuman: Worshipping this form bestows opulence, wealth, stature and relieves from financial miseries and physical ailments.
  • Dakshin (South) Mukhi Hanuman: Worshipped as Narasimha, He dispels fear, obstacles and challenges and provides protection from negative influences.
  • Urdhwa (zenith) Mukhi: Worshiped in horse form, He bestows freedom from threats, mishaps and enemies.
  • Panchamukhi Hanuman: Incorporates the Panchamukhi Hanuman, Who protects devotees from all directions of North, South, West, Zenith and East and is the remover of all kinds of obstacles and problems. He also bestows prosperity in all aspects of life.
  • Ekadashi Mukhi Hanuman: Worshipped as form of Lord Shiva (11th incarnation of Rudra), He nullifies malefic of all planets and bestows intellect, confidence and control over senses for success and victory.
  • Veer Mukhi Hanuman: Worshipped as an epitome of valour, determination and courage, He relieves of all sufferings and bestows confidence, strength and courage.
  • Bhakta Hanuman: Worshipped as an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, He removes obstacles and promotes Bhakti Bhav (devotion).
  • Das Mukhi: Worshipped in His Das Maruti, the servitor form. Worshipping Him bestows harmony in relationships and bring spiritual growth.
  • Surya Mukhi: Worshipped as a form of Surya Dev, the Guru of Hanuman. He bestows progress, name, fame and knowledge.

  • Height: approx. 11.75 inches
    Base Dimension: approx. 5 (L) x 5 (W) inches
    Weight: approx. 6.250 Kgs