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Goddess Kamladevi idol in Bronze


INR 18,000


Idol of Goddess Kamala Devi being flanked by elephants is crafted in shining bronze by artisans of South India. The lustrous appearance and traditional touch given to idol add to its magnificence. Goddess is featured as seated in padmasana (lotus posture) on traditionally designed dais and is bedecked with crown and ornaments. She is raising Her right hand in abhay mudra as a symbol of assurance and has Her left hand is in varada mudra symbolising blessings of boons, while Her upper arms are holding lotus as a symbol of purity. The elephants on Her sides raise their trunks holding jars to pour amrit (nectar) on Her. Goddess Kamla Devi is one of the wisdom Goddess- Mahavidya, Who bestows prosperity, success and wealth. She is worshipped for relief from poverty, debts and difficulties and for blessings of bliss, abundance and mental and spiritual contentment. This idol makes a great gift for your loved ones. It can be placed in your living area, puja altar on work desk for divine grace.

Height: 5 inches
Base Dimension: 7 (L) x 3 (W) inches
Weight: 1.340 kgs