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2 mukhi with Pearl mala


INR 2,600


This pretty and elegant looking mala is strung in high quality silk thread. A Sumeru bead is strung at the central position of this mala with an overhand knot below it. The beautiful shiny white tassel suspended below the Sumeru bead enhances the overall look of this mala.

Two mukhi Rudraksha bead symbolizes the Ardhanareshwar form of Lord Shiva. This bead is the symbol of unification of soul and mind symbolized by half form of Lord Shiva and half form of Goddess Parvati. Two mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Moon and brings inner bliss and happiness and promotes unity and harmony.

The two mukhi rudraksha bead also heals your mind, kidney and intestine related ailments. You can wear this mala every day to sooth the malefic of Planet moon and attain peace and harmony. Read more about 2 mukhi

The Pearls used in this mala are from South Sea, Japan and bestow happiness, loyalty and good health to the wearer. These pearls represent the Moon, and offer emotional stability. These pearls also help in controlling anger, soothe the mind and provide domestic happiness. For women, it is supposed to add lustre to the face and regulate the menstrual cycle. All auspicious pearls are believed to ensure heirs, wealth and fame also.

Description: Rare mala of uniform 2 mukhi Rudraksha from Java with Pearl beads.

Rudraksha origin: Java, Indonesia

Bead Size: 10 mm (Rudraksha) x 6 mm (Pearl)
No. of beads: 37 (Rudraksha) x 36 (Pearl)
Length: 27 inches

Ruling deity: Ardhanarishwara
Ruling planet: Moon

Beej Mantra: Om Namah
Planet Mantra: Om Som Somaaya Namaha
Deity Mantra: Om Namah Shivaye

Mala strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™