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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy: A Powerful Healing Therapy For Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is a unique holistic healing therapy devised by Sakhashree Neetaji after years of research on curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones. Rudraksha is a highly revered bead and has been worn by devotees and sages since ancient times, as a blessing from Lord Shiva Himself to maintain health, gain self-empowerment, and lead a fearless life on their path to Self-realization.

Modern scientific experiments on Rudraksha beads corroborate their magical healing properties. The merits of Rudraksha were evidenced in the late 1960s by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Subas Rai, Institute of Technology University in Banaras India. Rai’s research confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are placed over the heart, they act to stabilize the heartbeat. It indicated that Rudraksha have electromagnetic properties and when in contact with body work like capacitors, storing and disbursing appropriate energy, suitable for activating chakras through the property of resonance. Read more about research on Rudraksha here.


Chakras(energy centres of the body) become imbalanced when our thoughts and attitudes tend towards fears and negativity, when facing challenging situations in life.

  • These powerful agents of energy, work on releasing the negative energy stored in the form of stress in the blocked chakras, thereby activating them and tuning them to their natural state.
  • Blocked Chakras manifest emotional disorders and physical ailments. (Read more about Chakra Therapy here )
  • It is only after blocked Chakras are balanced and activated that you can transform your life of suffering, obstacles and confusions into love, success and happiness.

Rudraksha beads range from 1-mukhi to 21-mukhi and each has a different property which works on balancing the energies of different Chakras by resonance. Rudraksha beads of specific “mukhis” are combined in a unique stringing methodology, which is a patented therapy, and different such combinations work on different Chakras.

Energy of Gemstone: How does it work?

Gemstones are considered as storehouses of divine energy. Gems naturally absorb, reflect and radiate different frequencies of light and with their constant contact with the skin bring about changes in the body’s energy field. Each colour ray is connected with one or more of the Chakras. Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic colour that is absorbed by the Chakras of the body, bringing the affected Chakra to a state of balance.

Combined Use of Rudraksha and Gemstones:

In RRST, specific Rudraksha and Ratna (Gems) are combined and worn in such a way that 100% of their properties are utilized to open up the blocked Chakras. The wearing methodology is of paramount importance along with the right selection of particular “mukhi” Rudraksha and Gems as per the emotional and physical state and specific concerns of the client. The RRST combinations open up your Chakras effortlessly and empower you with good health, abundance, success and spiritual upliftment.

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An RRST Healing Session:

A typical RRST session involves the therapist having a one-to-one conversation with the client during which the problems are discussed, the root cause of the problem identified and specific Rudraksha and Gemstone combination suggested which would balance the blocked Chakras.

Once a client wears the RRST combination, he/she starts experiencing positive changes within a week’s time. An overwhelming 20,000 testimonials from people from all walks of life have proved that this therapy gives success in the spheres of business, career, education and inter-personal interactions and relationships. This Therapy provides extremely beneficial healing.

  • Blood pressure
  • Skin problems
  • Allergies
  • Backaches
  • Headaches,
  • Digestion issues,
  • Knee/ankle pains
  • Migraines, psychiatric disorders

It also provides relief from stress, depression, phobia and insomnia.

RRST based on Scriptures and Experiences

Sakhashree Neetaji designed this Unique Healing therapy based on her in-depth study of Rudraksha from the Puranas, Upanishads and her own 21 years of in-depth Research on effect of different RRST combinations on different Chakras. She is a pioneer in Rudraksha therapy and research in the world and till date she has over 22,000 satisfied clients across the globe who have healed and benefitted tremendously from this therapy. Her mission is to share the benefits of these powerful cosmic tools – Rudraksha and Ratna – for your Personal and Professional Transformation and Success.


Works on activating and opening specific blocked Chakras, which are the focal points of vital life force and the very basis of human life.

Works in a holistic manner to heal your deep-seated blockages on the physical, mental and emotional level.

The therapy involves wearing the combinations that you can wear as daily jewellery to keep your Chakras balanced.

It is a cost-effective alternate healing therapy, with no side-effects.

The therapy has a proven track record of healing and curing clients, backed by over 22,000 testimonials.

You can wear it and carry on with your usual routine because there are no taboos or do’s and don’t’ when wearing this spiritual jewelry.

It is an easy and practical way to keep your energies aligned in the hectic modern life, where you may not have time for daily energy-balancing techniques like yoga, meditation etc.

With RRST, one can achieve the power of healing, empowerment, and success in one’s personal as well as professional life.



Consult an RRST expert who will identify your blocked Chakras and recommend an RRST combination, that will be specific for opening that blocked Chakra.Wear the combination 24×7 firmly against your skin. The combinations are in form of spiritual jewellery that you can wear as pendants, bracelets or rings. Wear the RRST recommendation exactly the way told by the RRST expert, be it correct finger for rings or body positions for pendants and bracelets.

You may remove the Rudraksha before bath to prevent soap, talcum powder or other chemicals going into the beads.

To clean your Rudraksha, soak every month in lukewarm water for upto 10 hours, scrub with plastic brush, dry under fan and apply lightly perfumed oil with a brush.

When first worn, the RRST combination might take 8-10 days to align with your body. You will notice a release of stress and a general easing of pain related to the chakras whose combination is worn.

Do Chakra meditation and Beeja mantra chanting specific for the blocked Chakra, and align your mind to the positive energies around you. (Read FAQs on Rudraksha)


Rudraksha The term “Rudraksha” itself symbolizes Lord Shiva. “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and “Aksha” are Shiva’s tears. Lord Shiva is the first ardent user and admirer of the Rudraksha. Later on, devotees and sages began using Rudraksha as Shiva’s blessing to gain health, self-empowerment and a fearless life on their path to Enlightenment and Liberation.

With the development of modern science, many scientists have carried research for evidence to support the ancient beliefs about the Rudraksha. Their findings and research has validated and confirmed the divine power of Rudraksha beads. Individuals from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can use the divine Rudraksha to attain maximum spiritual, physical and material benefits.

Rudraksha Beads range from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi, each bead capable of aligning our mind and the energy around us to specific beneficial outcome in health, happiness, spiritual upliftment, prosperity, creativity, intuitive ability, material fulfilment, harmony in family, attraction, self- empowerment and a fearless life.

1 Mukhi
Enlightens the Super Consciousness. Alignment with divine blessings.

2 Mukhi
Emotional balance, unity and harmony.

3 Mukhi
Burns past karma. Releases stress.

4 Mukhi
Knowledge and communication.

5 Mukhi
Peace, Intellect and enhanced awareness.

6 Mukhi
Virtues of willpower, grounding and focus.

7 Mukhi
Wealth and new opportunities.

8 Mukhi
Removal of obstacles and success in undertakings.

9 Mukhi
Self power, materialistic benefits, spiritual awakening.

10 Mukhi
Peace, protection, pacifies malefic planets.

11 Mukhi
increased concentration, memory and creativity, wisdom and self-confidence.

12 Mukhi
radiance, luster, brilliance, youthfulness and vitality.

13 Mukhi
Hypnotic power of attraction/Vashikarana to the wearer.

14 Mukhi
Wearer with a strong will, a brave heart and the courage to overcome all odds.

one of the best medium to come out of the pasha/bondage

16 Mukhi
Cure of diseases, protection, release of fears and insecurities.

17 Mukhi
Vishakarma, builder of this Universe.

18 Mukhi
Goddess BhumiDevi who is the divine wife of Lord Vishnu.

19 Mukhi
Immense wealth, success in business, abundance in all spheres and good health

20 Mukhi
Attainment of divine knowledge in Creation, sciences, arts and music

21 Mukhi
Immense properity and fulfillment of pleasures and materialistic desires.

Gauri Shankar
Aids Dhyan and meditation. Harmonizes relationships of the wearer.

Trijuti Rudraksha
Ideal for leaders, project managers and Spiritual seekers.

Garbh Gauri
The divine Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva and the smaller one represents Lord Ganesha, their son.

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Since ancient times, Gemstones are believed to possess extraordinary spiritual and healing powers that affect the human mind and body, even influencing our fate and the course of our lives! In ancient India, a number of Sanskrit texts have been written on gemstones.

“Graha-Gochara Jyotisha”, “Garuda Purana”, “Brahat Samhita”, “Agni Purana” are some of the texts dealing with planetary gemmology.

When we look at primary gemstones, associated with the planet Sun is the RUBY, with Moon is the PEARL, with Mars is the RED CORAL, with Mercury is the EMERALD, with Jupiter is the YELLOW SAPPHIRE, with Venus is the DIAMOND, with Saturn is the BLUE SAPPHIRE, with Rahu is the HESSONITE (GARNET), and with Ketu is the CAT’S EYE (CHRYSOBERYL).

Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj: (Jupiter)
For Spiritual Knowledge, Communication, Success, Profits, Promotion and Abundance.

Blue Sapphire/Neelam: (Saturn)
For intuition, Decision Making, Success and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Coral/Moonga: (Mars)
For Physical & Mental Growth, Vigor &Vitality, stability in Life and Marital Matters.

Ruby/Manik (Sun)
For Health, Wealth, Power, Name and Fame.

Pearl/Moti: (Moon)
For Peace of Mind, Fearlessness,Calmness, Love and Relationships.

Emerald/Panna: (Mercury)
For Fulfillment of Desires, Spiritual Awareness, Love and Compassion.

Cat's Eye/Lahsuniya: (Ketu)
Abstract Thinking, Asceticism, Good Luck, Protection, Healing and Enlightenment.

Gomedh/Gomedak: (Rahu)
Good luck, Power, Success and Divine Blessings.

(Venus)Wealth, Creativity, Success, Marriage, Love and Compassion.

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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is an alternate healing therapy which has been devised after years of research on curative and healing properties of Rudraksha and Gemstones. Kindly note that the efficacy of this therapy varies from person to person and a person can avail this therapy on sole discretion. This therapy is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We encourage you to always seek the advice of your physician or any qualified health professional. The individual should understand that the information provided does not constitute legal, medical, or professional advice of any kind.

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