3 mukhi Agni mala in silver wire


INR 7,800

INR 5,250


The blissful Rosary containing three mukhi Java Rudraksha crafted in pure silver helps destroy past karmas.

Three mukhi Rudraksha enhances an individual’s efficiency by relaxing individual’s mind and body, reducing stress level and removing obstacles generated because of past karmas. Consistent wearing of this mala would aid your spiritual growth and also heal Manipura chakra and thus ease stomach and liver disorders. Read more about 3 mukhi

Design: Rare mala of uniform 3 mukhi Java beads of size approx 6mm in silver wire.

Ruling deity: Agni
Ruling planet: Sun
Beej Mantra: Om Kleem Namah
Planet Mantra: Om Hreem Suryay Namah
Deity Mantra: Om Agni Devaya Namaha

Mala strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy ™