5 mukhi Guru Mala from Java with Sandalwood beads


INR 2,300


A powerful wearing mala for those who wish to align to their higher selves meaning Upa Guru. This mala is made of superior quality and heavy beads of 5 mukhi beads from Java(Indonesia) in thread with knots with a 5 mukhi Nepal sumeru bead attached with a tassel. Each bead is carefully selected to be a complete five mukhi and is strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™ wherein each bead follows the right clockwise orientation to maximise effect of the mala.

Wearer of 5 mukhi attains expansive understanding, wisdom and the right direction in life. It is a Rudraksha of health and spirituality. It strengthens the immunity of the wearer. The mala is best worn daily or it may be worn during times of spiritual discipline. Read more about 5 mukhi

5 Mukhi: approx. 10 mm (54+1 beads)
Sandalwood: approx. 7 mm (57 beads)
Length: approx. 36 inches