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8 Mukhi Ganesh Kantha


INR 1,46,150

INR 1,45,200

INR 1,56,900


  • This mala removes all obstacles and brings success in all undertakings.
  • It gives the wearer all kinds of attainments - Riddhies and Siddhies.
  • Brings focus , grounding and stability in wearers life.

  • He is the Lord of Riddhis and Siddhis and is worshipped foremost on every auspicious occasion. His presence itself removes the obstacles and hurdles in one's way. Read more about 8 mukhi

    Configuration: Made of 8 mukhi from Nepal.

    Origin: Nepal

    Ruling deity: Ganesh
    Ruling planet: Ketu

    Beej Mantra: Om Hum Namah
    Planet Mantra: Om Hreem Ketve Namaha
    Deity Mantra: Om Ganeshaya Namah

    Kantha strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy