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Agate Eye - III


INR 550


The Agate Eyes are natural formations and are also known as Third Eye Agate and Shiva Eye Agate. Agate Eyes are formed due to precipitation of Silica in the Agate cavity and found in the Agate nodules. These stunning Agate Eyes have concentric bands and clearly are the vigilant eyes which are open wide round the clock, each day of the year.

The Agate Eye is known to protect from evil eye, hexes, psychic attacks and depletion of wealth. The Agate crystal helps in self introspection and supports spiritual growth. Therefore the Agate Eye is doubly powered as it also represents the inner eye or third eye which enhances intuitive capabilities, creative imagination and focus.The Agate Eye can be kept at the alter at home, work desk, kept in the place where cash is kept/ cash box and carried with self.

Dimension: approx. 19 mm (L) x 14 mm (H) x 12 mm (W)