Akhand Ramayan Paath at Sitaram Das Mandir


INR 36,901


Ram Charit Manas (Called Ramayan), written by Goswamy Tulsidas is an eternal epic composed in verses which are read and sung since times immemorial. It is a shining star of Hindi literature and is full of bhakti(devotion) and gyan(knowledge). The deeds of Ram, as incarnation of Lord Vishnu are examples for a perfect purusha whose life is full of great virtues, truthfulness, kindness, obedience to parents, dharma, love to brothers and always ready to help the needy etc. The story of Ramayana when internalised takes one to self realisation and leads one to live the life of a creator.

Akhand Ramayan is virtually sung while reading as each of the verse,(chaupaayee, doha, soratha and chhhands) are melodious and beautifully composed and it can be said without doubt that nowhere in the world literature such a verse creation has been done.

Duration: Non stop recital for 20 hours (Usually start at 3 pm and finishes by 11 am next day)

Musical Instruments: Harmonium, Tabala, Dholak and small accompanying traditional instruments are used
Number of pandits and singers: 15 (including relievers at night).

This path is done in the holy premises of Sita Ram das mandir in Nagpur.

How the Akhand Path is done:
  • First the sankalp is taken by the person who is authorising this team to sing the Ramayan. Then your Name, birth details, gotra(birth lineage), father’s name, spouse’s name, place and names of pandits who have been authorised by the main yajman(the one who wants this paath to be conducted) are recited in the sankalpa.
  • Various Gods and Goddesses are requested to come and seated at the place of recitation.The request is invoked for: Ganesh /Gauri,Navgruh(nine planets), Sixteen mothers(shodus matrukas), sea god(varun), Deepak(fire as witness), Hanumanji and Ram Panchyat to arrive at this place and be there till the paath is over.
  • Nyas(various purification rituals) are done using the verses from the Ramayan
  • Then, the paath begins with melodious singing as a group and one singer leads the reading:
  • There is no stoppage for even one minute to this Akhand Paath, till the end of the scripture.
  • Hawan : Using various vedic mantras, Hawan is conducted
  • Aarti: All Gods are respected and requested to bless the yajman and all connected within this ritual
  • Prasad : Sweets, fruits, dry fruits are offered and distributed to all
  • Visarjan: All invited Gods and Goddesses are requested to go back to their main abode after giving their individual blessings.