Akshata Rice Grains


INR 195


The Akshata Rice Grains are whole, unbroken grains of rice which are offered during Puja, along with chanting of Mantras. Akshata Rice is the most common offering as it is auspicious, attracts the positive energies of the Deities, exudes positive energies and brings the blessings of prosperity & wealth. It is sprinkled on deities in Puja Alter and is offered to almost all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The unbroken and whole grains of Rice denotes Sattvik or pure energies. Mixing Kumkum (Vemilion) and Haldi (Turmeric) to Akshata Rice makes it more potent for offering and is a common practice.

Buy clean Akshata Rice Grains, carefully selected to ensure wholeness of each grain, mixed with Haldi and Kumkum and packaged in bottles for your Puja use.

Quantity: 200 gms