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Significance of Navdhanya and Akshat Rice in Puja Rituals

The Hindu Puja rituals and ceremonies are elaborated and require many ingredients which are used as a part of the Puja rituals and Homam rituals, in auspicious ceremonies, etc. Navdhanya is used in almost all Puja rituals as an offering during Homam. The term Navadhanya means nine grains. The Navdhanya symbolizes prosperity, abundance and is offered to worship Gods and Goddesses. Across different regions of India Navadhanya for Puja is used, but with slight variation in the grains. Each type of grain of the Navdhanya is also used to appease the Navagraha, which are the nine Planets as per Vedic Astrology. The basic reasons of using Navadhanya for Navagraha are the same, be it wherever in India.

The Navdhyanya are whole grains of fresh Paddy Rice, Wheat, Jow or Barley Grains, Black Sesame Seeds, Green Gram, Bengal Gram, Horse Gram, White Beans, Chickpeas. Each grain or pulse has its own significance. They are mostly mixed together to use for Homam. These grains are said to draw Cosmic energy and considered very auspicious.

Akshat Rice is whole raw Rice grains which is a common Puja ingredient and used in worship or Puja of Deities or Yantras and also in auspicious or religious occasions. For Puja purposes it is an important ingredient and is coloured with Kumkum and other colour powders like Turmeric before using. It is believed to attract the energies of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram.

Only whole grains of Rice are used for Navadhanya for Pooja as it holds the maximum superior energy of Divine. Akshat is said to retain the purity and sanctity of the Mantra, Yantra and Deity energies present in the Puja occasion. It is one of the best offerings that a devotee can make. Akshat is a harbinger of prosperity, fertility and abundance and blesses the devotee with the same.

Uses and Benefits of Navdhanya

As mentioned in ancient Hindu texts, Navdhanya is used in religious rituals, for Astrological reasons, as offering in Homam. As Navdhanya signifies Goddess Laxmi, offering Navdhanya blesses with prosperity, wealth, abundance. Every item used in Vedic Puja rituals has its own importance. The Navagraha or nine Planets play an important role in the life of an individual and weak placement of the Planets in birth chart or Kundli may cause ill effects on the native. The Navdhanya is offered to the Planets to appease them, in Pujas and occasions like Grihapravesh. Each grain is meant for one Planet.

Navdhanya is food and is considered Brahman, offering them during Puja, Homam, to Planets benefits by brining prosperity, good health, blesses with longevity, peace, harmony in relationships, success and happiness. Navdhanya brings the blessings of Gods, Goddesses and Planets.

Various Dhanya used in Puja Rituals

The various Dhanya used in Puja rituals comprise of Wheat, Bengal Gram, Chickpeas, Green Gram, Black Gram, Horse Gram, Black Gram, Paddy (Dhanya), Black Sesame, White Beans. Akshat Rice are whole Rice grains, used separately in almost all Pujas. Rice for Pooja is coloured with Kumkum and Turmeric powder and then offered as it increases the potency. However, Navadhanya for Satyanarayan Pooja contains whole White Rice as it is said to hold the saviour energies or Tarak Shakti. Akshata Rice offered to Lord Vishnu or Satyanarayan is not coloured with Kumkum or Turmeric. Akshat Rice coloured with Kumkum is used to worship Lord Ganesha as it is said to hold the energies of destroyer and Lord Ganesha is the destroyer of all obstacles.

As mentioned above, the Navdhanya in some regions of India is slightly different and comprise of Urad Dal, Rajma, Moong Dal, Thoor Dal, Chana Dal, Black Sesame Seeds, Wheat, Rice and Horse Gram.

For appeasing the nine Planets the Navdhanya is used separately, without mixing.

The Navadhanya for Navagraha (9 Planets) which are offered to each Planet are:

1) Wheat - Sun or Surya
2) Bengal Gram - Planet Brihaspati/Guru or Jupiter
3) Chickpeas - Planet Mangal or Mars
4) Green Gram - Planet Buddha or Mercury
5) Black Gram - Planet Rahu
6) Horse Gram - Planet Ketu
7) Rice - Planet Chandra or Moon
8) Black Sesame - Planet Shani or Saturn
9) White Beans - Planet Shukra or Venus

Paddy or Dhanya represents abundance and prosperity and offered to Gods and Goddesses to be blessed with the same.

Yellow Mustard seeds are used in Havan/Homam separately for eradicating obstacles and for victory over enemies.

Jow or Barley Grains are sprouted during Navratri as a part of the rituals and to invite prosperity, wealth, abundance and blessings of Goddess Durga.

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