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Amethyst Lingam


INR 1,300

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The sacred Lingam in charming purple hue has been crafted from single piece of natural Amethyst gemstone. Lingam signifies the Cosmic Egg which does not have any start nor any end, and where the ever evolving world will finally merge into the formless system. A gemstone Lingam is considered highly auspicious and is said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rate. Lingam signifies Satya, Jnana, and Ananta—Truth, Knowledge, and Infinity.

Amethyst Benefits:

  • Naturally brings balance, serenity and peace
  • Attracts luck, power, optimism
  • Promotes optimism and calmness

  • The worship of a Shiva Lingam always includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and clarified butter as well. Lingam is worshipped in homes and temples. At home it blesses with peace, unity and harmony in the family and guides devotees to spiritual path.