Anantmool Madrasi


INR 170


Anantmool is a root herb found in parts of south, east and Central India. Also known as Hemidesmus indicus, Naruneendi, Iindian Sarsaparilla and Maeen Mool, it holds high medicinal properties. Its helps purify blood, detoxify the body, enhance digestion and body immunity, It helps cure diseases like asthma, piles, jaundice, bronchitis, dysentery, arthritis, eczema and diseases relating to gums and eyes. It is consumed in powered form as medicine or as syrup for drinks through decoction or infusion. (Syrup combined with water, sugar and lemon makes cool refreshment, which is very popular in South India)

Quantity - 50 gms
Packet Dimension - 5 x 5 Inches