Shami Plant


INR 1,050


Shami plant with roots and soil is supplied at your doorstep

Shami Plant is considered highly auspicious and sacred in Hinduism. Shami Plant Puja is considered very beneficial, it is done especially before undertaking any journey or on the day of Vijayadashami. Keeping the Shami Plant at home disperses all negativity. Shami Plant is also worshiped regularly with mustard oil to please Shani Dev (Saturn) and protect individual's from the malefic effects of Shani Dev (Saturn).

Shami Mantra: Shami Shamyate Paapam- Shami Shatruvinashanam, Arjunasya Dhanurdhari- Ramasya Priyadarsini.

Length: 7 inches
Width: 2 inches
Weight: 250 gms

Dimension of plants, leaves and flowers may vary as per availability.

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