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Annapurna Ganesh Laxmi


INR 980


A beautiful Ganesh Laxmi pair made of Navadhanya (Nine grains). Navadanya includes Black Seasame seeds, Bengal Gram, Horse Gram, Green Gram, Rice, White beans, Chic Peas, Black Gram and Wheat and represent each of the Grahas or planets.

Black Sesame is offered to Shani or Saturn
Bengal Gram is offered to Jupiter or Guru or Brihaspati.
Horse Gram is offered to Ketu
Green Gram is offered to Mercury or Budh
Rice is offered to moon or Chandra or Soma
White beans is offered to Venus or Shukra
Chic peas or Chickpea is offered to Mars or Mangal
Black Gram is offered to Rahu
Wheat is offered to Sun or Surya

Ganesh and Lakshmi made of natural nine grains are worshipped together for pacifying nine planets and seeking success and abundance in all endeavours. Ideal to be worshipped on Diwali festival day.

Height of each Idol: 3.25 inches.
Base Dimension of Each Idol: 2" (L) x 1" (B) inches.
Total weight : 170 gms