INR 13,065


Ardhnarishvara is the androgynous form of the Shiva and his consort Parvati (Shakti). In this incarnation Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati are merged limb to limb in one form with the right side depicting Shiva and the left Parvati. There are various mythological stories which shed light and have interesting tales to the origin of the Ardhnarishvara form.

It is said that once, Lord Brahma did severe penance to please Lord Shiva to ask for a boon to manifest creation. Shiva manifested as Ardhnarishwara form however Brahma was unable to take the heat emanating from the pure Shakti Shiva form. Hence Lord Shiva then separated the feminine part of his body (Goddess Parmeshwari) and instructed her to begin creation.

Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) symbolizing that both cannot be without the other one is incomplete in the absence of the other.In this Idol, Ardhnarishvara is carved in heavy shining brass.

Height: 13 inches
Base Dimension: 5.6 (L) x 3.2 (W) inches
Weight: 4.710 Kgs