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Lord Shiva, one of the prime and most revered deities in Hinduism. In India, Lord Shiva is worshipped in every household. The word ‘Shiva’ finds its early traces in the Rig Veda as an epithet for many Rig Vedic gods, including Rudra. Lord Shiva is known as Supreme and is a part of the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Maha Shivratri is celebrated on a grand scale in India. The devotees observe fast for the whole day on the Maha Shivratri and perform puja and Abhishekam on the Shivling, Lord Shiva idol at home and also meditate on the Shiva idol images. Observing fast and praying to Lord Shiva by chanting His mantras are said to appease Lord Shiva and is considered as highly auspicious. Lord Shiva blesses His devotees by enlightening them, bringing them closer to their higher self. People celebrate this night with great devotion and enthusiasm to venerate Lord Shiva.

We at Rudra Centre offer an enticing range of Lord Shiva murti online. These Shiva statues are available in pure bronze, pure brass, stone work and sturdy C-forex at best prices. Lord Shiva is the ultimate Truth. He symbolizes our soul. As mentioned in the Shaivism sect, the highest form of God (Ishvar) is limitless, formless, and the primal soul (Atman) of the universe. According to the iconography Lord Shiva is depicted holding a ‘trishul’ which has a ‘damaru’ (two headed drum) tied to it. He wears Rudraksha bead mala (garland) around his neck on his hands, arms and on his matted hair. He wears a garland of skulls around his neck.

The pictorial attributes also show a snake coiled up around his neck and Rudraksha beads bracelets on both His shoulders, hands, and on his matted hair, the crescent moon and holy river Ganga is also seen emerging from his Jata or top of His matted hair. The most pivotal attribute are the third eye, the trishul (weapon) and damaru. He also applies Bhasm (Ash from Funeral Pyres denoting the end of Human birth and beginning of the soul’s journey to start afresh or attain Moksha) all over his body and uses deer skin to cover Himself as he sits on a tiger skin.

Get Lord Shiva Statues Online From Rudra Centre, Mumbai (India):

We have a variety of Lord Shiva statues in bronze, brass, stonework or clay. You can install these idols in the puja altar of your home or install it at your office.

Meditation Mudra Shiva in brass:

This divine idol of Lord Shiva is beautifully crafted in the seated meditative pose in brass. Fill your house with positivity by installing this magnificent murti of Lord Shiva. This statue features a snake coiled on Lord Shiva’s neck along with Rudraksha malas and Goddess Ganga flowing from His matted hair. Sitting in the meditative pose with Trishul and damaru positioned besides the right hand, the Shiv idol features Him wearing a tiger skin and is crafted sitting on a tiger skin.

Shiv Parivar with Stone Work:

Marvellously crafted Lord Shiva Parivar is made using finest quality heavy brass beautifully embellished with colourful and decorative stone work. Lord Shiva seated with His divine consort - Goddess Parvati with Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya seated on their lap is a blissful sight to behold. Accompanied with Shivalingam, Nandi and Tiger, this divine Idol symbolises prosperity, harmony, bliss and progress.

Shiv Parvati in Bronze: The Auspicious set of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati idols standing on pedestal with hands in blessing pose made of bronze are crafted beautifully by craftsman of South India. The brilliantly carved Idols illustrate fine details of ornaments and clothing giving them an enticing look. Shiva Shakti together signifies unity, compassion, harmony and prosperity. Idol when placed in your home/ office invite success, bliss and completion in all aspects.

Trayambakeshwar Shivji in sturdy C-forex:

Magnificently made in sturdy C-forex material this idol of Lord Shiva depicts the 3 eyed Lord Shiva meditating on a tiger skin, with King Cobra around his neck and the Crescent Moon as an ornament on his head. Lord Shiva has adorned Rudraksha beads around his matted hair, neck, arms, and upper arms. C-forex is resistant to water, sunlight and corrosion.

Different forms of Lord Shiva:

Lord Kaal Bhairav:

The fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva is called as the Kala Bhairava. This Shiva statue features Him in a standing pose in aggressive form wearing ornaments around His arms, ankle and neck. There is also a snake coiled around his neck. He has four hands. He is seen holding a weapon in one hand, a bowl of blood in the other hand and on the other side He holds a damaru and the beheaded head of Lord Brahma.


The artistically crafted Idol of Ardhanarishvara in a standing pose is made of Panchadhatu and is a masterpiece worth having. Ardhanarishvara is the unified form of Shiva-Shakti and it signifies the male and female energy which represents the Soul and Prakrithi/Nature.


Crafted in Sukhasana pose this magnificent idol of Lord Vyaghranatheshwara in a seated on a Tiger skin. In this Idol, Lord Shiva is portrayed as seated in with His right hand raised in Abhaya mudra. His left hand is resting on His knee while a Trident attached with Damru is seen at His back on the right. A snake is coiled around His neck. He is seen wearing ornaments around His neck, matted hair, arms and wrist along with a crescent moon on His matted hair and the River Ganga flowing from His Hair.


This is the form of Shiva depicts him as an euphoric dancer, also known as the Hindu god of destruction. Lord Nataraja dances with his right foot supported by a crouching figure and his left foot in an elegantly raised posture. A snake is seen coiled up around Nataraja's waist which signifies kundalini shakti. The crescent moon and a skull are on his crest. The multiple arms represent the four cardinal directions. Each hand either holds an object or makes a specific mudra. The goddess of the Ganges is shown nesting in Shiva's dreadlocks.

Lord Gangadhara:

This murti features the face of Lord Gangadhara. Here the statue features a moustache with Goddess Ganges tied in His hair with a snake coiled around His neck

Chandramouli Shiva:

This half murti of Chandramouli Shiva features the face of Lord Chandramouli with goddess Ganga flowing from His matted hair. Two snakes are seen coiled around His neck.

Neelkantha Mahadev:

Lord Shiva is called Neelkantha because He had consumed a deadly poison called Halahal during the Samudra Manthan.


This idol of Lord Pashupatinath is depicted in a seated pose with five faces. All these faces have different names and significance. The face that is seen facing east is known as Tatpurusha and the one facing south is known as Aghora. Similarly, the faces looking west and north are known as Sadhyojata and Vamadeva respectively.

Adi Shiva:

This beautiful idol of Adi Shiva is seen in a seated in deep meditative state on a tiger skin, with King Cobra around his neck and the all-auspicious Crescent Moon as a spiritual embellishment on His head. Lord Shiva has Rudraksha beads around His neck, arms, and upper arms.

These beautiful idols are crafted with finesse and are sure to bring peace, positivity in your dwelling. You can also gift these spectacular idols to your loved ones as they form rich gifting items.