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Articraft Horse shoe with swastik and Om


INR 2,500


Attract luck and prosperity in your dwelling and in your business by hanging this auspicious and authentic horse shoe door hanging. This horse shoe has a dark brownish finish and is beautifully decorated with Yantras, Holy symbols and auspicious mauli (sacred thread). On one edge of the Horse shoe a Shani Yantra is fixed while on the other edge a Shukra Yantra is fixed. These Yantras help to ward off negative energies from entering the dwelling and protects the dwellers from diseases, sorrows, envy, robbery, evil eye, difficulties, financial crises and bad fortune. The Mauli (red and yellow sacred thread) that is neatly wrapped in the middle of this horse shoe along with the holy symbols like Swastik and Om thus increasing the powers of this horse shoe and adding more positivity and divinity to it.

Placement: It is best hung in a U position in the South west direction of your dwelling to enhance stability and support.

Height: 5 inches
Width: 5.1 inches
Weight: 290 gms