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About Lucky Horse Shoe

Why and how Horse Shoe are used

Chakra Vastu Horse Shoes or Lucky Horse Shoes are collected from the right leg of black horses are enhanced and embellished with decorative findings or Yantras. Buy horseshoe for good luck plus they embellish your home and bring luck and provide protection from envy, disease and bad luck.

The Horse Shoe is not an ordinary Horse Shoe. It comes from a Black Horse. This Horse Shoe is taken out on auspicious time from a Black Horse's front right leg. The Black Horse is a rare Horse, whose front right leg strikes near to the left leg while running.

It is recommended in our Vedas that those who stick Horseshoe for luck on their external wall or door, and remain away from bad luck and diseases. The horseshoe home decor is considered a lucky charm in the West as well as in India. The shape of the horse naal Vastu describes the ideal land-living configuration of Feng Shui; hereafter it is considered a favorable figure as per Feng Shui too. In India people have conventionally considered the horseshoes as lucky charm items and used them by affixing them above their main door on the outer side, for protection and good luck.

Another aspect of the horseshoe wall décor that added to its good luck was the fact that it was commonly held in place by seven iron nails. Since ancient times, the number seven was considered very important. And, early religions considered crescent or U-shaped objects as powerful signs.

Uses and benefits of Horse Shoes

Horseshoe for Vastu is a common remedial measure used all over the world to keep evil away. Black Horse Shoe is a universal good luck charm.

Horseshoes for Vastu were also considered lucky because they were made by blacksmiths, which is also considered a very lucky trade. Because they worked with elemental fire and magical iron, they were thought to have special powers. It was believed that a blacksmith could heal the sick and if a couple was married by a blacksmith, their marriage would be a happy one.

Horseshoes for Vastu are fixed at the main entry/door in U shape which has been taken from the front right leg of a black horse, which gives results quickly. Door horseshoes can also be installed in the South West corner of the dwelling, which enhances stability and attracts new opportunities.

According to our ancient texts the Black Horseshoe for door is a universal good luck charm, whereas, the divine Shani Yantra safeguards one from evil eyes and negative energies and blesses the worshipper with courage, confidence, mental and physical strength. Thus, the Shani Yantra makes one more focused and mentally stable.

Thus, we also offer lucky horseshoes with an auspicious Shani yantra attached to it, making it more powerful and effective. Horse shoe is a common remedial measure used all over the world to keep evil away. While Shani Yantra removes the malefic of planet Saturn and offers courage to overcome all difficulties. This divine Horse Shoe with Shani Yantra has been sanctified and energized with various Shabar Mantra and "Beej Mantra ''. After purchase, you can fix this powerful artifact at the main entrance of your house or office on a Saturday evening or on a Tuesday morning for speedy results.

Another type of horseshoe for decoration you can also purchase is with holy symbols like Swastika and Om thus increasing the powers of this lucky horse shoe and adding more positivity and divinity to it. This fancy horseshoe has a dark brownish finish and is beautifully decorated with Yantras, Holy symbols and auspicious mauli (sacred thread). On one edge of the Horse shoe a Shani Yantra is fixed while on the other edge a Shukra Yantra is fixed. These Yantras help to ward off negative energies from entering the dwelling and protects the dwellers from diseases, sorrows, envy, robbery, evil eye, difficulties, financial crises and bad fortune. This fancy horseshoe is best hung in a U position in the South west direction of your dwelling to enhance stability and support.

Other types of horseshoes for Vastu for sale in our wide-ranging collection of lucky horseshoes include shoes with beautiful words as Joy or Love embedded on them to welcome joy and love into your home with lucky horseshoe doors hanging polished and laced in rustic jute thread.

Why and from where to buy Horse Shoe

As we have seen, lucky horseshoes have a lot of benefits to easily enhance our lives by simply hanging them in U shape at certain places in our homes or offices. They do not require further maintenance or spiritual procedures to be taken on them as they are already energized by us to start attracting the desired results from the first day. Purchasing lucky horseshoes is popular because of their well-known good luck and good vibes they spread around thus they can be found in many shops. However, only a well-established seller with long experience dealing with choosing the best horse shoes as per our ancient texts indications, and selling them duly energized as per sacred rituals are the best worth purchase for a not expensive artifact that will bring quick results only if you buy it from a trustworthy seller that has proceeded on making the sacred Vedic rituals on them.

Buy Horse Shoe Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre presents an exclusive and extensive collection of aesthetically crafted Horse Shoes designed as door hangings or home décors. We provide easy Vastu remedies without demolition of your space through our specially designed superior quality energy Vastu products. Our decorated horseshoes for sale are designed after combining ancient lore of Vastu and contemporary taste of the modern décor. Our horse shoes collected from the right leg of black horses are with decorative findings or Yantras. Before shipping we ensure they are duly energized as per Vedic scriptures, thus, after you buy our blessed lucky horseshoes you can start using them right away after receiving them.

Rudra Centre is the world's first ISO 9001:2015 accredited Rudraksha and Gemstones organization. We are the leading global suppliers of authentic, superior quality and the widest range of spiritual and healing products and services. Our core strength is our deep knowledge and research on the products and the correct methodology of their usage as per Vedic wisdom.

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