Black Ebony Bracelet - 8mm


INR 325


A beautiful bracelet made of natural Black Ebony beads in thread with silver clasp.
Genuine black ebony wood is rare and considered precious, being the hardest and heavy of all woods. The ebony for these bracelets is sourced from Nagaland in the far east of India. Smooth beads of high quality and original black ebony are hand-crafted to make this bracelet.
  • Increases concentration and aids in meditation.
  • Helps remove the fetters of anger, hatred and delusion.
  • Used in worship of almost all dieties.
  • This is known to be a favorite among Indian royalties and is very durable.

    Length - 8 Inches
    No. of Beads - 23 Beads
    Bead Size - 8 mm