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About Ebony Bracelets

Significance of Ebony Beads Bracelet

The Ebony Beads Bracelets are made of Beads made of Ebony tree Wood. The Ebony tree is a rare, precious and it is the hardest and heaviest wood. It takes skilled hands and labour to hand craft the Ebony wood into beads. The Black colour of the Ebony wood has metaphysical significance as it is highly protective and eliminates negative energies. Therefore, Ebony Bracelets are significant for their superior protective power and other healing qualities. As the beads are made from natural wood, it holds innate healing properties. The hard and dense quality of the Ebony wood makes the Karungali Bracelets durable. Wearing Ebony Bracelets or Karungali Beads Bracelets helps to absorb the healing powers and keeps the subtle body protected too.

Ebony or Karungali Bracelets, Necklaces, Amulets and other jewellery have been patronised by the Royal families in the past, especially for the protective shield it provides. Because Ebony is rare, it is an expensive wood and therefore Ebony jewellery prices are on the higher side. African Ebony is one of the most expensive wood that exists. Ebony is also found in India and Sri Lanka and Ebony beads from Nagaland, India, are of superior quality which are used to string Karungali Kattai Bracelets. There are 11 different types of Ebony which are found across the world.

Uses and Benefits of Ebony Bracelets

Ebony Bracelets look simple with smooth Black Beads but are endowed with many benefits. However, wearing a Karungali Bracelet original is important as only a Bracelet made of genuine, natural Ebony Beads will give the desired result to the wearer. It is recommended to buy Karungali Bracelet for ladies or men from a trustworthy and reputed shop or dealer of Ebony Bracelets. It is easy to imitate Ebony Beads and therefore the buyer needs to be careful while buying Karungali Beads Bracelets. Because Ebony wood is rare and in demand, Karungali Bracelet price is high and that makes it more important to ensure that it is bought from a genuine shop or seller, else you are not going to get your money's worth.

Rudra Centre has a lovely collection of natural Ebony Bracelets which are very popular as it can be worn by anyone of any age and they match all kinds of attire and look stylish. Genuine Karungali Bracelet has no negative side effects.

Some uses and benefits of Ebony Bracelets are:-

  • Karungali Bracelets are worn to be shielded and protected from negative energies, evil Eye, Black Magic, Ghosts, evil spirits and other lower energies.
  • The Ebony Bracelets when worn keeps clearing the aura or energy body, keeping the wearer in positive vibration.
  • It is believed that wearing Karungali Beads Bracelet protects the wearer's love life from jealousy and negative influences, which makes it popular among youngsters and those who feel threat in their love life.
  • Ebony Beads Bracelets enhance concentration and are especially recommended for students.
  • The Ebony Bracelets make excellent gifts for loved ones which convey care and love for their wellbeing.
  • It is great in clearing misunderstandings and thereby bringing harmony in relationships.
  • Natural Karungali Beads Bracelets are often worn by those who meditate regularly as it helps to stay focused.
  • Genuine Ebony Bracelet is great in aiding to release anger, jealousy and aggression. This is an important use and benefit of the brilliant Karungali Bracelets are highly recommended for those who need it for this purpose.
  • Wearing the Ebony Beads Bracelet helps the wearer to be bold, have confidence and take the leap of faith.
  • The Black Ebony Bracelets soothes the nerves and removes anxiety, making the wearer calm, which automatically improves health.
  • The Karungali Bracelet heals physically by helping to strengthen the bones, it is said to heal skin problems and acts as a natural pain killer, when worn.

  • Ebony Bracelets designs, Gold and Silver Ebony Bracelets

    Rudra Centre offers lovely natural Black Ebony Bracelets in various designs. The Bracelets are strung with hand crafted smooth beads of genuine Ebony sourced from Nagaland, India. They look stylish and can be worn with casual, formal and traditional outfits. The Bracelets are available with different beads size for you to choose from. The Karungali Bracelets are durable, easy to maintain and can be worn regularly. Our collection includes :

    1) Karungali Beads Bracelet strung on adjustable thread which fit all wrist sizes.
    2) Black Ebony Beads Bracelet with Silver Flower caps. Pretty Flower Caps made of pure Silver cap each natural Bead of the Bracelet. The contrast of Silver and Black makes the Bracelet striking and fashionable to wear on a daily basis. These are perfect Karungali Bracelets for ladies.
    3) Ebony Bracelet strung in thread with Silver clasps can be worn by men and women.
    4) Black Ebony Bracelet in elastic, gives a snug fit and are easy to wear.

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    Rudra Centre offers a collection of superior quality Black Ebony Bracelets made from genuine, natural Ebony wood, from Nagaland, India. The Ebony Beads Bracelets are designed fashionably and are available in different Beads size. The protective Black Ebony Bracelets are available in attractive pure Silver capping, strung in adjustable thread or elastic and are comfortable. You can browse our site and choose Black Ebony Bracelets for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones, online with us. Our efficient team will ensure that you receive your order within a few days from placing your order. Buy Ebony Bracelets online at best price from us.