Black Horse Shoe with Shani yantra


INR 1,625


This authentic Horse Shoe is special, as it taken from a Black Horse’s front right leg. Moreover, an auspicious Shani Yantra is attached to it making it more powerful and effective. Horse shoe is a common remedial measure used all over the world to keep the evil away. While Shani Yantra removes the malefic of planet Saturn and offers courage to overcome all difficulties.

According to our ancient texts the Black Horse Shoe is a universal good luck charm, whereas, the divine Shani Yantra safeguards one from evil eyes and negative energies and blesses the worshipper with courage, confidence, mental and physical strength. Thus, the Shani Yantra makes one more focused and mentally stable.

This divine Horse Shoe with Shani Yantra has been sanctified and energized with various Shabar Mantra and "Beej Mantra".

  • You can fix this powerful artifact at the main entrance of your house or office on a Saturday evening or on a Tuesday morning.
  • This is Shoe of Front right leg of a black horse which is considered to be very powerful and which offers quick results.
  • When installed in South West corner of dwelling, it enhances stability and attracts new opportunities.

  • Height: 5 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Weight: 245 gms