Black Jade Yoni base with Lingam - III


INR 16,350

INR 45,250


Shivalingam has been worshipped since time immemorial as an abstract representation of Lord Shiva. An attractive Black Jade Yoni base carved from pure Black Jade gemstone and Lingam.

All gemstones have innate high vibrations. The Black Jade gemstone is a highly protective stone and it is excellent in shielding from negative energies of all kinds.

The egg shaped Linga represents the formless Lord Shiva who has no beginning, nor no end and the Divine male which unites with the Divine female, Goddess Shakti, in form of the Yoni.

Whether at home or in the temple, the Shivalinga is worshipped mostly by the ritualistic holy bathing called Abhishekham/Abhishekha, with water and milk, however, along with this, devotees use other liquids too which are ghee(clarified butter), yogurt and honey.

The Black Jade Yoni base with Lingam is apt for the puja alter at home. Worshipping it brings the benevolent Lord Shiva's blessings of good health, prosperity, unity, spiritual growth and fulfilment of wishes.