Bloodstone bracelet


INR 400


Origin: Brazil/ Nigeria

The attractive Bloodstone bracelet is made from natural Bloodstone gemstone in elastic to fit all sizes of wrists. The Bloodstone gemstone has the properties to purify blood, it promotes intuitive powers, gives courage, clears confusion, helps mental, physical, emotional renewal, clears energy blocks ensuring good health, calms down in crisis situations. The Bloodstone bracelet helps to manifest the good for the wearer along with its other benefits. In ancient times Bloodstone gemstone was used to stop bleeding especially that of the nose bleeding.

Its attribute of boosting physical endurance makes it a favourite of athletes/sportsperson. Bloodstone stands for justice and helps to ease legal issues. Wearing the Bloodstone bracelet keeps the gemstone in body contact which benefits the wearer with its constant healing energies.

Bead size: 8 mm
No. of Beads: 22
Length: 7 Inches