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Bracelets of gemstones enhance wearersspiritual persona. Apart from being jewelry pieces they mystically attract cosmological energies that give peace and spiritual enlightenment. A gemstone bracelet emits powers that rid the wearer of negative energies. A spiritual person feels instantly eager to grab a gemstone bracelet for its healing properties. Such properties are said to pacify the mind and bestows peace. Anyone can wear a gemstone bracelet for its inherent mystic properties.

Gemstones have been in use for, one can say, time immemorial. They are known for elegant appearance and mystical properties that are believed to heal bodily ailments and Planetery Doshas, defects.

It is best to wear a single gemstone bracelet or right/left hand as per wearing instructions. A bracelet of pearls strengthens mental ability, pacifies emotions and offers peace because the pear stone naturally supplies positive energies that heal mind, body, heart and soul.

Instead of wearing an imitation or ordinary bracelet, one may wear a bracelet of genuine gemstones which offers two advantages, sophistication and spiritual blessing!

A Navratna bracelet has all the gemstones governed by nine planets. This is beautiful as a jewelry purpose and general well-being. However we at Rudra Centre advise wearing single Gemstone bracelets or the Mahashakti and Mahalaxmi Gemstone bracelets where the mix of the Gemstones has been devised as per Rudraksha Ratna Science therapy.


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