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Goat Service


INR 36,500


Goat Service is a donation for food and care for goats. Serving goats is considered beneficial and meritorious and has many planetary and karmic benefits.

In Dharma, goats symbolize Prakriti or nature; it is believed that the white goat is associated with the sattvic guna, the red goat with the rajasic guna and the black goat with the tamasic guna.

Goat Service leads to blessings of peace of mind, growth and prosperity. Also, black goats are the vahanas of Maa Kali and Ketu, thus Goat Service also ensures blessings of these Deities. Daan and seva are customs which are to be performed to live a life in accordance with Dharma. These help an individual at various stages of their life’s and their spiritual journey.

Goat Service blesses with prosperity, growth and respite from planetary malefic effects.

  • Relief from malefic effects of Planet Ketu.
  • To invite positivity and auspiciousness.

  • Puja Service Includes: Goat Seva for 1 year. An farmer would be provided with this amount for taking care of 1 goat for one full year.

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