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Collector Gauri Shankar - 10 Mukhi from Nepal - XV


INR 14,000

INR 14,500

INR 43,500


Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is the Unified form of male and female energies represented by Shiva and Shakti. It opens up the Hrit Padma chakra and illuminates the consciousness of the wearer. Gauri Shankar 10 mukhi connects one to energies of Lord Krishna for love, compassion and fearlessness.

  • Increases connection with the subconscious mind
  • Destroys limited beliefs and gives power to manifest desires
  • Helps one learn lessons of planet Moon

  • Krishna Gayatri Mantra: Om Dhamodharaya Vidhmahe
    Rukmani Vallabhay Dheemahe
    Thanno Krishna Prachodayath

    Origin: Nepal
    Bead Size: 34 mm

    Gauri Shankar comes in different mukhis and beads from 4 mukhi till 21 mukhi have been found till date. Each type works on the Hrit Padma chakra and illuminates the wearer according to the divine Godhead ruling that mukhi. Read more

    Stringing Instructions

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