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Collector Twenty Mukhi from Java-XII


INR 1,50,000

INR 1,50,000

INR 1,50,750

INR 1,53,750

INR 1,61,250

INR 1,54,950


This rare Rudraksha is ruled by the Creator of the Universe , Lord Brahma. Gives blessings of attainment of divine knowledge in Creation, sciences, arts and music. Wearer becomes the Creator with immense knowledge and intellect . Wearer is blessed with immense power, wealth and fulfillment of desires . Worn by those who desire to manifest projects for the benefit of humanity.

Benefits: Power of manifestation and creation of projects for benefit of humanity.
Ruling God: Brahma
Ruling Planet: Earth
BEEJ Mantra: "Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Brahmane Namah"
Wearing Mantra: Brahmatave Srajaye vishvam Sthitow Palyate punah

Origin: Java
Bead Size: 21 mm

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.