Complete Havan Kund set with 108 Herbs as Havan Samagri


INR 10,250

INR 13,500


Traditional Havan Kund in pure copper with Havan Sticks and extensive range of 108 herbs as Havan Samagri. Havan, Yajna or Homa is one of the most powerful, sacred and purifying rituals in Hinduism and Havan Kund, along with Havan Samagri are the most important parts of the Homa ritual. The Havan Kund is a very sacred structure from where the fire communicates all our prayers to different deities. The structure itself generates energy to perform the ritual.

The complete Havan Kund set with Havan Samagri contains:
  • Havan Kund: Traditional Havan Kund made in pure copper for different Yajnas and Homas such as Navgraha Yajna, Nakshatra Yajna, Vastu Yajna and more
  • Havan Sticks: 3 pieces of Havan Sticks made in wood and copper to offer ghee and other sacred offerings to the sacred fire of the Havan Kund
  • 108 traditional and rare Havan herbs: Premium and exotic set of 108 exotic herbs used in Homams and Yajnas, Some of these herbs are Navdhanya, Black til, Chandan chilka, Nagarmotha, Agar, Jatamasi, Nag Kesar, Cow dung cake, Camphor, Ghee and Samidha sticks, Nagkesar, Bhimseni Kapur, Tagar, Agar, wala, Red Sandal powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus seeds, rose petals, Sandal flakes, Jata masi, Batriso Dhoop, Kapoor Kachri, Satavari and more (Click here for the complete list)