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About Havan Kund Kit and Sticks

HavanKund Kit And Sticks

About HavanKund

Hinduism promotes different kinds of worship practices for praying to the Gods and Goddesses. One such ritual is performing Homa which can be also called a fire ritual. It is known by other names like Havan, Yajna and Homam. This holy fire ritual involves chanting of mantras in Sanskrit and offering various items to the Homa. It creates an ambiance of positivity and invites good fortune to the native’s dwelling. It is an age old tradition which has its mention in the ancient mythological episodes of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

“Havan” means the fire ritual and “Kund” is the place at the centre where it is performed. There is a special vessel made for this purpose and it is used during puja ceremonies. People carry out this process in order to seek the blessings of the deities and remove the negative energies from home. Usually Homa is performed before starting a new venture or beginning something new like a on a housewarming ceremony, marriage, new business opening, etc. It is considered to be auspicious for bringing the holy grace of the Divine power to your home, office, shop or wherever you conduct the Havan.

Types of Havan Kunds

There are different types of HavanKunds used for different purposes according to your Sankalpa (wish/intent of performing the Homa) and the deity that you are praying to. Following are the types of HavanKunds:

Chaturastra Kund

This is the name for square shaped Havan Kund which is commonly used in many puja and rituals. It is used when puja is conducted for attaining Siddhi and gaining success in work and life.

Ardha Chandra Kund

As the name itself suggests, Ardha Chandra Kund is semi-circular in shape and it is used for puja that is done with intent to bring peace and harmony.

Trikon Kund

The TrikonakaraKund meaning triangular Kund is used for gaining victory over enemies and it is made in such a way that it replicates a bow and arrow.

Padma Kund

Padma is “lotus” and the Padma Kund is constructed in a lotus shaped structure for acquiring wealth and protection from negative forces.

Vrit Kund

The Vritakara Kund is a circular shaped Kund for the purpose of community welfare.

Yoni Kund

This Havan Kund is in heart shape and usually used for rituals performed for progeny and bringing love in life.

Havan Kund in Different Sizes

HavanKund is the centre place for offerings made to invoke the Divine powers and bring their blessings. When Homais performed on a grand scale, the HavanKund used is quite larger than the ones used for indoor ceremonies. It is available in a number of different sizes and shapes as given below:


The dimensions of the Havan Kund vary according to the purpose that it is used for, the number of offerings that will be made and also the place where the Homa will be conducted.

Havan Kit with Kund, Samagri and Sticks

We provide an all-inclusive collection of Havan Kit with Kund, Samagri (ingredients) and Sticks to make your puja rituals easy and convenient.

Havan Sticks

Buy the set of Havan Sticks online made of superior quality wood for offering Havan ingredients during the Homa.

Havan Kund in Iron, Copper

High quality HavanKund made available in metals like iron and copper to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. They are available in both small and big sizes.

HavanKund with Puja Samagri Kit

Specially curated kit with HavanKund and the Puja ingredients that are required for performing a Homa at home. It is a complete solution for Homa purpose as you find all the items in one place.

Yajnik Vedic Havan Kund

Beautifully constructed Yajnik Vedic Havan Kund in the shades of white, blue and red that represent earth, water and fire respectively is made for performing Homa with ease. It includes the Havan Sticks used for offering the Havan Samagri, Yajnik Havan incense sticks and a box with cowdung cakes.

Complete HavanKund set with 108 Herbs as HavanSamagri

Made of pure copper, the Havan und comes in two sizes- small and big for various puja purposes. This is a complete set with the Kund, Sticks and 108 herbs that are used for offering to the Homa.

Havan Kund in traditional design

A perfect Havan Kund in the traditional Indian style made in pure copper for conducting Homa ritual in holy ceremonies.

Buy Havan Kund at Best Prices Online

Rudra Centre offers the most authentic range of spiritual products, puja items, natural gemstones, Rudraksha beads and a massive collection of Havan Kund for sale. Each of the Havan Kund is designed traditionally for conducting the puja rituals successfully as per the Vedic scriptures. You can buy Havan Kund online at best prices today and get it delivered at your home with our fast and safe worldwide shipping. Hawan und price is variable depending upon its size, shape and the set that you buy. The strong and sturdy construction of the Havan Kunds makes them long-lasting and reusable for all your worship purposes.