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Coral Ganesha - 12.25 carats


INR 18,070

INR 19,570


The God of prosperity and auspicious beginnings, Lord Ganesha is meticulously carved on a red Coral stone. The stone is of superior quality and the carving is done a single piece of stone. Additional healing properties of the Coral stone add to the divinity of the idol. Ganesh is portrayed as Mangal Murti, gracefully seated with His right hand in boon conferring pose. The idol with dual benefits bestows intellect, wisdom, remove any impediments, brings martial harmony, courage, success in profession, financial growth and protection from mishaps. Coral being governed by planet Mars helps pacify its malefic effects. Coral and Ganesha both govern the Root Chakra. Thus, the idol is highly beneficial in re-energising the Root Chakra by bringing stability and encouraging one to develop a positive outlook and have practical approach towards life to attain success. The idol can be placed in puja altar or on study or work desk for creating a divine and powerful aura. With additional making option pendant, it can also be adorned regularly as locket to imbibe its healing benefits.

Height: 17 mm
Base Dimension: 10 mm (L) x 10 mm (W)
Weight: 12.25 gms
Price Per Carat: Rs 1475