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Designer Panchapatra Udhirini in brass


INR 1,165


Made in shining brass, this beautifully designed Panchpatra and pali set (charan amrit set) would make a charming addition to your puja set. The Panchapatra pot comes in elegant vase shape and has seamless stripped texture. The pali (spoon) comes with trident design and has an elegantly designed round handle which ensures a comfortable grip. The glossy and smooth finish also makes a charming spiritual gift for your family and friends. Panchapatra is an integral part of pujas. It is filled with water or Charanamrit and placed in puja altar during puja rituals and the liquid is distributed upon completion of Puja.

Charanamrit means the holy nectar of worshiped Lord’s feet. The most pure Charanamrit is traditionally considered to be a thoughtful mixture of the five items representing the five primary elements - ghee (clarified butter), water (Gangajal), curd, honey and tulsi leaves. This Holy Charanamrit is then offered from the Panchpatra & Pali set to everyone at the end of the puja.

Dimension of Panchpatra:-
Height: 3.3 inches
Top Diameter: 2.7 inches
Weight: 195 gms

Dimension of Pali:-
Height: 7.5 inches
Weight 105 gms

Weight of the set: 300 gms