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Panchpatra & Spoon

What is Panchpatra?

Panchapatra is a vessel used for storing the Charanamrit or other holy water used during a puja ritual. It is an essential part of religious ceremonies and also the puja thali. Charanamrit is offered as Prasadam after any puja and Panchapatra is used for holding it. The Panchapatra is accompanied by a spoon which is called “Pali”. It is for the purpose of offering the water or Charanamrit from the Panchapatra.

Uses and benefits of Panchpatra in Hindu Puja Ceremonies

Panch patra use

  • It is used in worship rituals at home
  • It is a part of puja thali in temples too
  • All types of liquid Prasadam are distributed through the Panchapatra
  • Ganges water with a Tulsi leaf is kept in Panchapatra for purification
  • Panchamrit for offering to Gods and later as Prasadam is also stored in Panchapatra

Panchapatra Benefits

  • Copper Panchapatra induces the healing benefits of copper in the water.
  • It is a convenient vessel for holding liquid ingredients required during puja.
  • It serves as a container for the sacred water used in puja ceremonies.

Panchpatra Set in Brass, Silver and Various Designs

The Panchpatra set is available in a number of different options like it is made in both simple and designer patterns.

Designer Panchpatra in Copper

Copper Panchpatra is very useful as it not only serves the purpose of holding the holy liquids but also infuses the water with copper particles. It helps in enhancing health and gives the healing energies to the natives consuming that water. There are simple pain Panchpatra made in pure copper and others with beautifully engraved design too. The Copper Panchpatra look great on the puja thali and are durable as well.

Panchpatra in Brass

Brass Panchapatra are available in various patterns and designs and they come with a spoon (Pali). They are made in a simplistic manner to use during every puja ceremony and are long-lasting. The elegant Panchpatra in Brass can be utilized in both home and temples.

Panchpatra in German Silver

Panchpatra and Pali set made of high quality German Silver is available at Rudra Centre in different designs. They are of an ideal size which is required for the puja ceremonies and look neat when placed near the puja altar or on the puja thali. Various items like the Charanamrit, Ganges water, etc. can be stored in this kind of Panchpatra.

Designer Panchapatra Udhirini in brass

This is a beautiful set of Panchapatra and Udhirini (spoon) with a stripped texture that shines brilliantly.It is designed in a vase shape which makes it different from the regular Panchpatra. The round handle gives a great grip for easily using the vessel and the spoon features a trident design.

Panchpatra in Pure Silver

Pure Silver Panchpatras are auspicious to be used during religious rituals and puja ceremonies. The Panchpatra comes with a spoon that has a snake hood carved on the end by talented artisans. It is a good gifting option for family or close friends on special events.

Pali (Spoon)

The Pali(spoon) with the Panchapatra is equally significant. There is a variety of spoons like Puja Achmani Spoon in Copper, Pali in Brass and Copper, Shesha Spoon, Kartikeya Spoon, Ganesh Sheshnag Spoon, Krishna Spoon, Ganesh Spoon in Brassin our huge selection. All of these are antique and have a traditional look with fine artistry to add to the touch of spirituality. They are used for the purpose of either making offerings to the deities or to distribute the Prasadam after the Puja is done. Made in pure heavy metal, each of the spoons is priced reasonably and the top quality is true to the price.

Buy Online Panchpatra Set in Best Prices

Rudra Centre offers the best collection of spiritual products, puja items and more. We have a great range of Panchapatra and Spoon of high quality for using during your sacred rituals. These puja accessories hold tremendous importance in Hinduism and we provide the most exquisitely crafted Panchapatra. We deliver across the world so one can order Panchapatra online and receive a safe & fast delivery. Each and every item that we supply undergoes a strict quality check to ensure that you get the best piece. Panchapatra price varies according to the metal it is made of, the design, set that you buy and the detailing on the vessel. Every Panchapatra has a unique accent to it and made of the supreme quality metal, the vessels are extremely durable.A Panchpatra Set or also known as Charanamrit Set can be gifted to your friends or family on auspicious occasions or events. Buy Pali Panchpatra online at the best prices from Rudra Centre and perform your puja rituals with ease. You can also seek advice from our experts if you have any queries while purchasing Panchpatra or other products.