Divine Red Sandalwood Paduka


INR 19,650


Paduka with finesse handwork, crafted from finest quality red Sandalwood invokes the grace of Divine or Guru. The engraving of auspicious symbols of Swastika, mace, and Sun along with floral design adds to the divinity of the Sandals. While the rich carving and near-perfect finish truly reflect the artistic brilliance of the artisan. Paduka, also known as Khadau are traditionally-worn sandals with nail-like thumb holders used by saints. They are installed and worshipped at home or temple to invoke blessings of Deities, Saints, or spiritual masters as they are believed to find their resting place in Paduka. One of the Paduka is symbolic of self-knowledge which needs to be awakened and another Paduka is symbolic of awakening others. Worshipping the Paduka represents humility and surrender of ego enabling one to be very open to receiving divine grace in form of knowledge. Installing the Paduka at home would ensure protection and spiritual elevation.

Length: approx. 9.8 inches
Width: approx. 4.2 inches
Thickness: approx. 20 mm
Weight: approx. 756 gms