Gupt Daan (Donation for Charity)


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As per Vedic scriptures, Gupt Daan is an extremely pious action consisting in the action of a donation made in secret without showing it off. It gives ten times more fruits than what has been given in daan.

Gupt Daan is considered as one the best ways to do charity as it is done in secrecy without any selfish intent of name or fame. Gupt Daan can be done on any day or any time of the year but many prefer to do it on auspicious and special days such as festivals, birthdays or anniversaries, as per traditional customs.

It is believed that Gupt Daan should be done in so much secrecy that even the husband shouldn’t disclose the same to the wife and vice versa. The importance of charity has been told in every religion. The tradition of giving charity has been followed in Sanatan Dharma for centuries.

Gupt Daan is considered very virtuous and admirable; it helps to increase good karma and counteracts the negative effects of bad karma. Indeed, it lessens the bad karmic consequences of misconducts and misdeeds of the past, leading to a more fruitful and successful present life.

Donation done selflessly, is considered as the greatest charity. It is so done that donor doesn't expect anything in return. It denotes the largeness of a human heart. It is also performed as repentance for one's sins by helping others in need.

You may donate to us and we would give back to the world by helping them. If you feel, our services are helping you and the humanity in some way, you may donate.

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