Durga Maa Shaligram Murti - VI


INR 16,725


Sacred Shaligram stone with carving of Goddess Durga featured in Her divine glorious form. The idol confers dual benefits of Goddess Durga and the sacred Shaligram stone. Maa Durga is portrayed seated on a Tiger representing limitless power. She has three eyes, third on the forehead representing action, desire and knowledge to perform duty. She wields special weapons gifted by various Gods in each of Her hand to protect from negative forces and personal vices while bestowing strength, courage and inner strength to combat negativity, miseries, challenges and sufferings. Her lower right hand is in Abhay mudra, the gesture of assurance of protection and safety to Her devotees. Carved in detail, illustrating Her clothing, jewels, physical attributes and weapons, the carving is true example of diligent artwork. The natural spiritual markings at back adds add to the vibrant and divinely appeal of the idol. Shaligram emits high radiance of protection, prosperity, harmony and is highly effective in dispelling negative energies and Vastu defects.

Shaligram are sacred stones collected from Gandaki river in Nepal. It can be worshipped by men, women, sages, householders and people of all religion alike. They are manifestation of Lord Vishnu and worshipping it bestows six virtues like protection, good health, wealth, pleasures, righteous living and spiritual growth. Its worship does not require worship with austerity or chanting of various hymns, it can be worshipped anyhow with devotion and dedication. The worship of Shaligram usually includes Abhishek rituals done with Tulsi or pure water and Panchamrit.

Height: 1.6 inches
Base Dimension: 3.3 (L) x 1.3 (W) inches
Weight: 337 gms