Ganesha Shaligram Murti - Gold Plated - III


INR 24,000


This Ganesha murti is sculpted in sacred Shaligram Shila and Gold plated to highlight its appearance. The Shaligram stone represents Lord Vishnu and brings His blessings to the devotee. This desirable murti is crafted to perfection and features Lord Ganesha on a Lotus pedestal. His right lower hand is raised in the Abhaya mudra, which denotes His protection, blessings and guidance, and in His left lower hand He is holding a sweet. The attire and ornaments of Lord Ganesha is prominently carved and the gold plating adds to the divinity of this idol. Keeping this Ganesha Shaligram murti gold plated corrects Vastu Doshas, keeps the place in high vibration, eliminates negative energies and ushers the combined grace of Lord Ganesha and Vishnu.

Lord Ganesha is the Lord of auspiciousness, the first deity to be worshipped before any puja, auspicious occasion. He sweeps away obstacles and hinderances and brings success in endeavours, good luck, prosperity, wisdom, intellect, writing and artistic skills, joy and abundance.

The Shaligram Shila is self manifested stone found in the Kali Gandaki river, Nepal. It is worshipped by performing Abhishek, sacred bathing, with Tulsi water, and panchamrit (a combination of milk, ghee, curd, sugar and honey. Tulsi leaves are favourite of Lord Vishnu and are a must in worship of the Shaligram Shila. The sacred Shaligram Shila blesses with good health, material comfort, creation of wealth, spiritual progress, righteous living and all round protection.

The Ganesha Shaligram murti gold plated, is a powerful spiritual tool for contentment and blessings of Divine.

Height: 3.0 inches
Base Dimension: 1.9 (L) x 1.0 (W) inches
Weight: 240 gms