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About Shaligram Idols (Murti)

Significance and Uses of Shaligram Idols and Murtis

The Shaligram is a sacred stone which is considered the dwelling place of Lord Vishnu, or rather it represents Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the Universe. The stone is worshipped on a daily basis as Lord Vishnu and The Shaligram Idols and Murtis are crafted from natural Shaligram stone. The Shaligram is found in its natural form lying on the bed and banks of the Kali Gandaki River, Nepal. It is Black in colour with clear markings similar to the Sudarshan Chakra (Lord Vishnu's Discus weapon) which has lovely Golden streaks.

Scientifically the Shaligram is a Fossil and has existed for thousands of years. It is believed that no two Shaligram stones are the same. According to different Chakra marking the Shaligram stones have different names, like, Madhava Shaligram, Narayan Shaligram, etc. The Vishnu Shaligram stone is auspicious, super powerful, heals on mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and brings many blessings of Lord Vishnu. A remarkable example of Shaligram Murti is the Lord Venkateshwara or Tirupati Balaji Murti, which is made from a huge Shaligram stone.

The Shaligram Idols and Murtis are harbingers of positive vibrations, eliminates negative energies, protects the space and inmates, attracts prosperity, wealth, success, abundance, happiness, bestows good health, longevity and the blessings and attributes of the Deity of the idol. The Shaligram stone is worshipped by performing Abhishekham with Tulsi water and Panchamrit which is a mixture of Cow Milk, Curd, Sugar, Ghee, Honey. Keeping any Shaligram Murti at home or office in the Puja Altar and worshipping it every day by chanting Mantras of Lord Vishnu and the Deity of the Shaligram Statue, is meritorious and brings benevolent outcome. The Vishnu Shaligram ki Murti corrects Vastu Doshas and enhances the Vastu energies.

Various Shaligram Idols and Murtis

We, at Rudra Centre have a huge collection of natural Shaligram Idols and Murtis of different Deities, including various forms and Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Handcrafted meticulously from natural single piece Shaligram stone, each Shaligram Idol has detailed work which displays the Deity perfectly which are available in different sizes. The back of these Shaligram Murtis have the spiral marking of the Sudarshan Chakra. Each Shaligram Bhagwan ki Murti gives the double benefits of the Deity and the benevolence of Shaligram stone. We enlist some of the Shaligram Idols from our collection:

Narayan Shaligram Murti - The Shaligram idol depicts Lord Narayan, which is one among the many names of Lord Vishnu, standing with His lower right hand in Varada Mudra (granting of boons and desires). A beautiful smile is seen on His face, He holds the Shankh (Conch Shell) and Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) in His two upper arms. The Narayan Shaligram Murti blesses with all the attributes of Lord Vishnu and all-round happiness.

Laxmi Narayan Shaligram - The Laxmi Narayan Shaligram is placed on a lovely Silver coated Sea Shell and a Pure Silver Tulsi leaf is placed on top of the sacred stone. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with Tulsi leaf as it is His favourite. Keeping the meritorious Laxmi Narayan Shaligram brings auspicious energies, good fortune, grants wealth, prosperity, balances the Vastu energies with high frequency vibration, protection, material and worldly abundance and joy. The presence of the Tulsi leaf makes a powerful combination which removes financial miseries, fears and diseases replacing with positive energies and happiness.

Tirupati Balaji Shaligram Murti - Handcrafted skilfully and cleverly to fit the asymmetrical Shaligram stone by artistically carving leaves along the border of the Idol. Highly popular and reverently worshipped Lord Balaji is seen standing on Lotus and replicates the Lord Tirupati Balaji idol in the Lord Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati. Worshipping the Tirupati Balaji Shaligram Murti fulfils wishes of the devotee, showers prosperity, wealth, abundance, brings spiritual growth, material success and much more.

Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Murti - Beautifully handcrafted from single Shaligram stone, it depicts Lord Narayan (Vishnu) and Goddess Laxmi seated on Lotus in Lalaitasana, both have their right hands raised in the blessing Mudra. This is a very auspicious and valuable Idol to worship and brings the blessings and attributes of Lord Vishnu and His consort Goddess Laxmi and fills the life of the devotee with positivity and abundance.

Jagannath Shaligram Murti - This Divine Shaligram Idol is crafted like the Lord Jagannath Idol in Puri. The Lord Jagannath form of Lord Vishnu is extremely powerful. Worshipping the Jagannath Shaligram Murti and its presence at home brings auspicious positive energies and bestows the dual benefits of the Vishnu Shaligram stone and Lord Jagannath's benevolent blessings.

Shaligram Meru Shree yantra - The Shree yantra is a potent Yantra by itself, a mystical instrument and is considered the dwelling place of all Gods and Goddesses. The 3D Shaligram Meru Shree yantras are perfectly hand crafted and available in different sizes. When installed at home or Workplace, the Shaligram Meru Shree yantra emanates high vibration energies, eliminating negative energies and replacing with positive ones. Worshipping the virtuous Shree yantra brings good luck, prosperity, wealth, good health, success in all ventures, spiritual progress, abundance and helps to manifest desires. Meditating on the Shaligram Meru Shree yantra helps to align with Lord Vishnu's energies and the energies of Goddess Tripura Sundari.

Shivaling Shaligram Murti - A superbly powerful Idol which gives the combined benefits and blessings of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Worshipping the Shivalinga Shaligram Murti brings magical changes in life and provides invincible protection, material abundance, spiritual augmentation, peace, calm, all round wellbeing and helps to absolve all sins.

The Shaligram Murtis of Lord Vishnu Avatar which we offer are:
(i) Matsya Shaligram Murti - The Fish Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Well-crafted Matsya Avatar with details like the scales of the Matsya Avatar is also prominently visible.
(ii) Krishna Shaligram Murti - Lor